Wahhh, Dara is really doing awesomely well, and I’m so proud of her! Ahh, her voice is so soothing to listen to.. ^_^ As shown in the previous two nights, Dara is very witty with her advise and tries to match the songs that she plays in between breaks with the topics she discussed right before it.. ^_^ Props to the “Volume Up” staff for assuaging Dara’s worries and for making her feel comfortable! Dara seems so at ease with the two guests who are models, tonight! ❤ I think it’s largely because they spoke comfortably to her, so she was able to relax and just talk to them.. ❤

[Volume Up Talk Video] 140528 Yoo In Na Volume Up with Special DJ Sandara Park~ Love Today

[Volume Up Talk Video] 140528 Yoo In Na Volume Up with Special DJ Sandara Park- Dar~a, Dar~a, Bright Dar~a

Credits: MediaVolume891

From  :

There are always moments when you think ‘Why is he/she like that?’ In every relationship.

I actually do have these kind of things.. but I keep it all to myself, but in the end, I’ll end up crying.

water started falling from our dorm’s ceiling, it seemed like a pipe broke above. I don’t know who paid for the reparations.

We actually dance a lot, so sometimes, our shoulders and knees starts paining, but we keep it to ourself cause we’re scared.

When it starts paining a lot before concert, then we go to the hospital.

Staffs asked if I’m scared, I said yes,then he said it’s fine,I told them that I’m scared that I’ll do mistakes,they said it’s fine.

I’m not scared talking to the Volume up family, but I’m scared of the others.

Wow! ‘We’re always each other’s side’ such a good word.

I am wearing a gold shirt and red pants.

If my feelings gets up, I’ll give out more gifts.

How about you asked the person out? I think the opponent would like u better if u get more confident and ask out.

Woah~ you did a great job today. The weather is so hot today, I’m happy you helped ur dad in this hot weather.

I haven’t tried doing song request, but I think it’s going to be nice. Please send me song requests!

I’m doing a special DJ since Yoo Inna is in China.

Some stories of volume up fam is cute, nice and heartwarming.

I also go and pray at home for the Volume Up families.

Reading this, I can feel it’s similar like the lyrics in lonely.

Yes, just think that u have a son, and praise him a lot.

I think the person would get a alcohol phobia as the person do a big incident.. umm.. get 10 alcohol and.. ummm.. no.. forget it.

oh yes! A soccer match is going on! You know what I’m going to do? Do with me. ‘DAEHANMINGUK! CLAP CLAP CLAP!’ We’re going to win!

I also used to be picky with food. Tell your daughter to eat before she becomes like me!

Oh! I think your daughter looks like her dad? Don’t worry, these daughters will grow very pretty.

Yes I’ll give you all energy! PAK PAK!

I saw some stories in the homepage,but there was a story similar to a person I know.It’s my stylist who dresses me up in the concert

but she has the same name and age as the stylist.. I asked her if it was her. She said no but she got red.

Daebak incident! Yeonju-ya is this you? You always told me u never dated!

Yeonju, you have to find your advantage and appeal it. Yeonju is very glamorous but she wears formal clothes.

Men who’s interested in Yeonju, please contact.

I didn’t know I’ll be able to read a story of a person I know.

There are actually a lot of stylists and make up artists who become couples. There’s one couple getting married this week.

The soccer match is 1-0, we’re losing. Let’s cheer more wildly. ‘DAEHANMINGUK!’ Now I think we’re going to win.

I ate a lot today, jjajangmyun and all.. wait.. my trainer is not listening to me right?

Part 2:

Dara: I’ll tell you which models are coming today. I think they’re here, their legs are so long, as always, models.

A listener said not to stand up infront of models… (‘coz Dara’s small XD)
Dara: Yes, I won’t stand up, let me fix my clothes.

Dara: Sweet Dating advices from models from the corner “Pink when described with color.”

Dara: I’m very sorry I greeted both of you while sitting down. I’m actually a person with good manner.

The model said that he wore his mother’s jacket in his first date. He asked how was Dara’s first date.
Dara: I don’t remember.. I don’t have a lot of dating experience.

Male model: Cause 2NE1 is a fashion leader..
Dara: I’m shy..
Female model: I’m wondering where you got your shirt.. I want it.. I’ll ask u where u got it later.
Dara: I’ll just wear a sports wear tomorrow

Dara: I think woman of 20s nowadays like older men, mature men.
Woojae: So Dara wants a young, nice and a person who you can interact with.

A listener sent a story about the boyfriend who’s close with a young junior woman. They call at night and went to pick her up while meeting the girlfriend.
WJ: I think the two girls (Dara, Hyun Yi) are going to be so angry.
HY: I think she’s suppressing her feelings so much.
Dara: Yes. Makes me think that their love has a bit.. Yes, it can be friendship.. but this doesn’t seem like a friendship.. but something more than that.
HY: The younger junior is also….. 
Dara: Ugh.. I’m getting angry! But these people, when the girlfriend is the one doing this, they get so angry.
HY: Isn’t it somehow like TY’s song ‘Only look at me’?
Dara: Yes.. “Even if I look at another woman, you look at me.”
HY: But this only goes if the man is Taeyang. (LOL :P)

Dara: Men can change…
Dara: Yes, there are girls who make people confused.
Dara: I think time flew so fast when advicing on dating. How was it with me today?
HY: Yoo Inna actually told me to take good care of you.
Dara: Ngaww thanks
WJ: I was abt to say ‘Watching Radio’ is Yoo Inna ofcourse.
HY: He’s just joking.
WJ: I’m just joking
HY: Don’t take it so seriously.
Dara: Ofcourse I won’t take it seriously.
HY: Dara-sshi fighting!
WJ: I’m really a fan of 2NE1. I like the song Come Back Home.

From  :

 When I first got here I told the staff that i was scared, they said its fine. I told them i was nervous, they said its fine. I said what if I make mistakes, they said its still fine. I asked my self what kind of show is this that everything is fine like this

if I do something I like wholeheartedly and have fun its more than enough for me

I don’t know if there are new listeners today so let me introduce this corner again (Talking about DalDara corner – sending in wish)

DalDara corner is starting

even when YooDJ comes back, i can have greed to be a guest now right? ke ke ke

thinking about this concern, it reminds me of our song “Lonely”..You’re nice but..you’re next to me but, I’m still lonely. Girls and guys are like this right, people are like this. They love being complimented and encouraged right? If you try to appease to them cutely with aegyo, they usually feel better right? You should try that ( to the listener with problem)

I keep changing my opinion according to the messages I’m receiving. Am I that easily persuaded? lol

DAE HAN MIGOO FIGHTING FIGHTING! Yes they’re gonna win! (listener’s wish was for Korea Football team to win)

You don’t have to worry, kids that are not that pretty when they’re young grow up to be beautiful~

I’ll give you energy to succeed *PAK PAK* (to uni student)

I looked at our homepage and it seems a found someone I know. Her style of speech, name, and age seems like a stylist I know

One more time together: DAE HANG MINGOOK *CLAP CLAP*! (listener said they were losing 1:0 so she supported harder)

Ah I’m nervous, it seems they are here (the models). As I thought, their height is different than others

1 week special DJ Dara imnida!~ Let me introduce your gifts for today

Let me try to save my outfit and we’ll be back after this song (LOL)

Dara: I don’t really remember..I haven’t dated a lot
Hyun Yi: Ayy I’m not even a journalist

Jo woo: I haven’t either. I don’t knw why i’m here

I prefer younger guys that I can’t speak with comfortably

Whether younger or older, isn’t taking care of a guy, like caring for a child? LOL (this ofcourse is not in context but funny)

Listener : WJ oppa your face seems red ke ke ke
WJ: I’m shy thats why
Dara: You don’t seem like that at all lol

a story about a girl frustrated with her bf taking care and being too close to a hoobae of his instead of his own gf

ayy thats ofcourse not right. The guy is in the wrong as well as the hoobae girl (Hoobae – his junior)

HY: He’s not good at all, doesn’t even have basic manners. Break up (the guy ignored his gf and went to pick up his hobae instead)

She seems too nice, even with the way she told the story. She seems to be holding it in

This remind me of Taeyang song “Only Look At Me ” (Mentions some of the lyrics)

A girl who starting dating her Ex again. They broke up before because he cheated on her. Sh’s wonder if she can trust him again

HY: I saw a couple before that got married after they broke up before
Dara: Is it a personal story?
HY: What? no? I date brand new guys

WJ: You can become a bit obsessive in that kind of situation. Worrying all the time

I guess you could give it a chance. People change

-Discussing a listener’s message-
WJ: Yeah thats true. After meeting someone you dated after a long time, your hurt races a bit
HY: Yes it does, like meeting on the street accidentally after a long time
Dara: It makes your heart race? why? If you guys broke long time shouldn’t all the feeling be gone..
HY: Will it depends how you broke up. Sometimes you don’t want to see their face
WJ: Yes it depends
Dara: Ah really I don’t know much about this since I haven’t experienced dating & breaking up many times
All of them: AYYYYY haha

WJ: I like girls that don’t have much aegyo

Time seems to fly by today. Its already time to say goodbye

HY: He always fights with Yoo inna like this too
WJ: I was only teasing to make you more comfortable
: It was nice meeting you guys~

From @G_yonggoon! ^^

Female model asks when was Dara’s first date memory and she says she doesn’t have much date experience. The model sounds like she doesn’t believe her. (LOL)

Male model shares story about his first date with first love wearing moms jacket ‘coz his arms were too short. Female model says he was trend setter even back then. Dara asked what happened to that love he said they broke up since it was 11 years ago.

Male model was saying story about 14 yrs difference between guy and girl. Dara comments that many 20 yr old girls these days tend to like older guys. Make model asks how she feels about dating 20yr olds and Dara says that’s too young. LOL

Female model says it would feel like caring for a child. Dara says whether older or younger caring for men is like caring for child. Dara then playes IU’s “uncle” after all that talk of dating older men. (HAHA XD)

Female model reading story asking for advice regarding her BF befriending colleague too much and taking care of her more than GF. Female model is disgusted with the guy saying “Is this guy crazy??”

Dara says the BF and hoobae are in the wrong. Hoobae should know not to be this way knowing he is dating that girl. She says that girl has endured beyond reason and reads comment of listener saying that guy is horrible and she should break up with him.

They are talking about how standards these guys can be. How the guy does these despicable things but expects the girl to be faithful and accepting so Dara says “Na man baraba” YB’s song. Male model says that song is only cool cuz Youngbae sings it. 

Now discussing couples who break up and possibility of reconciliation I think.
Dara: They say couples who break up for one reason will usually break up again for the same reason but I disagree. I think people can change.

Oh so the situation was break up for cheating reasons. Female model first advise is don’t meet that person again.

Male model states one listener advice: “since you made choice to give another chance. Fully give it and your trust if he cheats again u know” Dara agrees with this. And female model then acquiesce that although her first thought is to not give chance if you commit to give relationship another go you have to try and fully trust again to make it work.

Dara says she can’t give a lot of input on these various situations cuz of lack of experience LOL

New situation: Guy asking what he should do when his friend who is girl only calls him when fights with her BF.

Dara: Ahhh girls shouldn’t be that way.

Dara: Ah it seems time passes too quickly when we discuss dating wish we could keep going. Models commending Dara for doing so well. Female model said she was told to take good care of Dara by Yoo Inna but that she didn’t need to because Dara did very well ^^*

From  :

Dara said that girls and guys and other people love being complimented and encouraged.

Just think you have a son and you must praised him a lot.

Dara sings some of her part in lonely.

Dara said that the listener should use some aegyo to make a person feel better. dara loves aegyo so much.

Dara said that the listener’s story reminds her of the song ‘lonely’

Dara says sorry for not knowing what to advice to a wife who has a husband who has a drinking habit

Dara said that she is also picky with food. She advice to the daughter to eat more before she becomes like her

The daughter was scared of heights and Dara said: Don’t worry, You will grow like Sandara Park

Dara said that young people who are not pretty will grow up someday and be beautiful

I love how Dara is telling girls to be pretty and don’t worry

ara said that she saw her homepage and she thinks she found some she knows because his style of speech sounds like her stylist. Dara asked her if she is her stylist but the person said no but she got red.

The listener said that she is famous and she want to be close to an oppa and dara cutely said” Oh my god”

Listener: Dara unnie, I want to meet a man Dara: *screams/ I do love man too. ( lol dara )

Dara said that she knows many stylist who become couples and she remind there is one who is getting married this week.

A listener told Sandara to do not stand in front of the models and Dara said: “Ok i will not, let me fix my clothes” short dara 😀

let me try to fix and save my outfit and we will back after this song~ conscious dara ㅋㅋㅋ

Dara to models: Sorry if i greeted you while sitting down but I’m a person with manners actually.

noe a girl model was talking about her love experiences and how she dress for her first date

Dara forgot the names of the models. LOL. Dara: what are their names again?

Dara: I don’t remember my first date. I don’t have many love experiences.

A man said that 2ne1 has a fashion style and he mentioned CL and Dara’s name. Dara screamed and the man said he is just kidding

Dara said that she prefer younger guys who she can’t comfortably speak with

the listener said that the man seems red and he replied because he is shy then Dara said “You don’t seem shy at all”

Hyun Yi adviced to break up with the guy because he chose to pick his hoobae and ignored his girlfriend

She said that the girl (listener) looks like a good girl and she can see it by the way she told her story

Dara said she is getting angry. Maybe she don’t like seeing girls suffer from these kind of guys.

Hyun Yi said that the song ‘only look at me’ only goes if the man is taeyang

A listener asked if she can trust her boyfriend which she is dating again even after he cheated on her

Men can change.

Dara asked if how was her perf today and Hyun Yi said that Yoon In Na said that she must take care of Dara. Dara said thanks.

WooJae said he is a fan of 2NE1. He loves their song ‘comeback home’

Dara said that it is nice meeting Hyun Yi and WooJae

Dara: Till the end~ Let’s be happy

From  :

Dara: Our members always get surprised, like “Why is she suddenly like that?”

Dara: It’s already my third day and on my first day they asked me how i feel & i told them im scared but they said it’s okay.

Dara: The Volume Up family said it’s best if i’ll do it honestly and naturally.

Dara: I told them i’m scared that i might do mistakes but volume up family told me it’s okay.

Dara: I’m 2NE1’s Dara who will be a DJ instead of Yoo In Na and even if it’s just for a short time, I feel excited and happy.

Dara is reading a story and she said she remembers their song Lonely and shared some of the lyrics

Dara: Girls and boys are like that. There are times when they want to be praised.

Listener said she looks like her father & she wants a girl’s look but Dara said dont worry cuz people gets prettier as they get older

Dara: Earlier i was reading the stories &i saw sth that resembles to someone I know.. I asked her if its her but she said no but she blushed

Listener: Can you please read my name? Dara: *reads listener name* Woooh!!! I read it!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Dara: I’m special DJ 2NE1’s Sandara Park who will be a DJ for a week. Volume Up’s 2nd part will now start!

Dara said she doesn’t remember when she first dated cuz she didnt date a lot

The models said 2NE1 are fashionistas and Dara said she’s shy hahaha

Dara said she’ll just wear training clothes tomorrow lol

Dara said that guys at their 20s are too young for her

Dara: It’s good as long as the guy is cute

Ah yeah, dara adviced a listener earlier to exercise as much as she eats

Girl model: Yoo In Na told me to take care of you Dara: Wow.. thats touching.. Today was so fun

Guy model: I’m a fan of 2NE1. I really like Come Back Home

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