2NE1 Conquers Malaysia and Sets the Stage On Fire with 2NE1 All Or Nothing World Tour!


2NE1 fulfilled their promise made to their fellow Malaysian Blackjacks last year by returning to Malaysia once again!

Organized by IME Productions, 2NE1 All Or Nothing World Tour in Malaysia was held on May 24th at Stadium Negara with 4000 of fans who partied with 2NE1!

2NE1 kick started their concert with Crush and their appearance on stage was welcomed by hysterical scream of Malaysian Blackjacks who had been waiting eagerly to meet them since the day the concert’s announcement was made.

They then continued heating up the stage with their fierce debut song, Fire before greeting fellow Malaysian Blackjacks.
They performed a total of 20 over songs from their debut albums to the latest albums such as Clap Your Hands, Come Back Home, Can’t Nobody, Ugly, Gotta Be With You, Do You Love Me, Lonely and more.

Malaysian Blackjacks did not lose their energy at all that night as they continued to sing along with 2NE1 and cheer with their light sticks throughout the concert. Their leader, CL who felt touched praised Malaysian Blackjacks for their beautiful voice, “You guys sang so well and I love your voice! Thank you Malaysia!”

YG Entertainment’s rookie group, WINNER who was the guest of the concert successfully captivated the crowd too, proving their explosive popularity in Malaysia! The boys performed two songs Go Up and Just Another Boy before returning the stage to 2NE1.
CL then took over the stage with her solo performance, Baddest Female and MTBD. Living up to her name Baddest Female, CL indeed had set the stage on fire with her strong and wild performance as well as killed her fans with her sexiness!

It is almost impossible to not stand and party along if you attend 2ne1’s concert! During their encore stage, CL invited all the Blackjacks to stand up and party with them, “I want you guys to stand up and party with us or else you are gonna regret”. Not only that, 2NE1 also showed their cute side of them by playing with the balloons and gave various fan services such as hand shake, taking polaroid pictures, selfie and more.

Throughout the concert, the girls did not just perform and left the stage but they got closer with their fans through various interactions in English.

Minzy: We are so happy to be here in Malaysia, are you happy too? I had so much of fun here, can we come back?! (of course you can, Minzy! Anytime!)

Dara: It was out second time here in Malaysia and happy 5th anniversary 2NE1! Malaysia, do you miss us?

Minzy: We will come back to Malaysia soon again, so please wait for us okay?

CL: I had so much of fun today. I don’t know why it took so long for us to come back here!

2NE1 ended the concert with Can’t Nobody and greeted as well as thanked all their fans once again for attending the concert and making it memorable. It was indeed an “All Or Nothing” concert for their fans!

On a side note, 2NE1 will be heading to Indonesia for their next stop.

Credits: Go Kpop

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