This is a really fun series of interviews! The girls were relaxed, comfortable, and having fun! The questions were also refreshing, something that we don’t hear often from other interviews. ^_^

2ne1 loves Manila!

2NE1 members bare ‘ideal guy,’ sexy secrets

Credits: YiiNG Tana

Some snippets:

What is your dream concert: If we have the fans that we love, and the fans that love us, that’s our favorite. What really matters is the connection and the vibe, the connection with the fans.

Message to the Filipino fans: I don’t know why it took us so long. But we’re really happy to be here. We’re looking forward to the show, and to explore with our tour guide, Dara.

What is your all or nothing: Music and Love. In that order.

On their ideal guys: CL was trying to foist off the question to “Sandy” and Dara cried out, “Noooo, this is for everyone!” Then Dara said that her ideal guy is, “Anyone who loves me.” Then CL blurted, “There’s so many people out there who loves you. That can’t be it,” and Dara said, “That’s it. That’s all I’m looking for.” Then Bom said, “Everybody loves you.” Kekeke, cute 2NE1! Bom’s ideal type is, “Someone who works hard at his job, and also only loves me.” Minzy said, “My ideal type is… Usher.” Go Minzy! XD CL’s ideal type is, “Someone who is my friend.”

Do you fight about anything: FOOD. We fight over the food menu. Dara wants heavy food, me (CL) and Minzy like something light, while Bom likes something sweet. It’s good that we don’t fight over guys, because we all have different tastes. Thank God (Kekekekekekeke, cute cute cute CL!)

What do you all like in common: Ice cream.

How do you maintain your figure: We work out a lot. Our trainer comes with us on tour, so we can’t skip out on working out.

Comments on: "Videos: 2NE1’s Fun and Revealing Interview for Yahoo! Philippines ~ “We Fight Over Food, But Not Over Guys~ We Love… ICE CREAM!”" (2)

  1. this interview is so cute. comfortable :3

  2. this is a very… light interview. i mean its comfortable, easy to watch… especially CL. I can always tell if the whole group is not much into it through CL.. i don’t know why 😀

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