2NE1 looking oh so great and awesome! ❤ This is for Adidas World Cup Reds, I think in support of the Korean team. ^_^So happy to see a new photo of the girls though! ❤ Woohoo! ❤




Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: 2NE1 Goes Fierce and Awesome for Adidas World Cup Reds Shirt Endorsement" (4)

  1. splitspindles said:

    another comment. I just LOVE the fact that Dara doesn’t and never and will never look HOOCHIE.

  2. splitspindles said:

    Dara is my Posh-Ginger spice 🙂

  3. they got it right with dara here….the leopard print bottom adds more volume to her slim legs…the long hair covers her neck..because the only signs of aging with dara is evident in her neck sometimes…and then they added a beanie for more height..

  4. TOTALLY DIGGING THIS! I have a new fashion inspiration again this summer 🙂 of course, gonna copy Dara’s style. The bonnet, curls, high heeled sneakers and simple shirts 🙂

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