Dara becomes the 4th member of Epik High?


2NE1‘s Dara blended right in as the fourth member of Epik High.

Dara posted the photo above on May 7 with the message, “#Epik High featuring #Dara #YG Family power tour 2014 #lovelovelove.” The 2NE1 member and the Epik High trio held up hand signs, looking like one group themselves with their ‘YG charisma.’

Fans commented, “I love Epik High and Dara,” “Good-looking woman and men,” “I want to listen to a song by Epik High featuring Dara,” and more.

In related news, the YG Family are still on the ‘YG Family World Tour 2014 Power‘.


Source: Allkpop

Comments on: "Article: Allkpop – “Dara Becomes the 4th Member of Epik High?”" (2)

  1. rapper’s muse Dara :3 I love how the oppas just adore her =) Dara is a good person and a good co-worker. Very suportive of her YG family

  2. AlohaDara said:

    she looks like the little sister and don’t mess with her brothers! love it

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