HD PICTURES FOR THE WIN! Such detail! I applaud the stylists and concept editors and stylists for making this work. Such a blend of texture, colors, and pattern can be overwhelming, but they made it work. ^_^ 

Anyways, I love Dara’s make-up on this picture! I love her headdress; now that it’s in HD, we can appreciate all the details that came into it.. ❤ And yes, the abs, Dara’s abs for the win! ❤ No words to describe how much I love this pic! ❤


And of course, here’s our beautiful bird goddess Sandara Park! I love all the feather details! The one on her hand makes it look like a claw of some sort, which makes her look more badass. XD I love all the details of the white paint on her forehead! And Dara’s gaze says it all.. So alluring! ❤



Source: Much love and thanks to @whitewood_cl for sharing the pics!

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "HQ/HD Photos: Alluring Sandara Park is Mysterious and Fierce for Vogue Korea’s May 2014 Issue" (6)

  1. can’t help but to agree on everyone on this..i mean all her activities are always with her groupmates..i hope she’ll have individual activity for her to shine more and to show more of her potentials and strengths..

  2. Although I love her comfy look, I can’t help but agree with cira…

  3. I wish Dara was the type to promote herself more by exhibiting in her daily wear the vast potential of her looks. She’s so comfortable in her boyish comfortable style that I think sometimes big ad companies forget she can pull off a wide range of styles, including sexy, sophisticated, badass, even bizarre looks. I’d love to see her post more pics on her twitter and instagram account showing those sides of her because she’s so beautiful.

  4. Pocahontas said:

    She looks like she has some native american in her.
    The New World 2 starring Dara(pocahontas),Colin farrell,Christian bale. I wish she acted again.

  5. soulfull eyes Dara :3 I love how soulfull her eye are. haha love that comment about her ❤

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