Dara be looking oh-so-hot! And even in rehearsals, you can see her giving her all, as per usual with 2NE1! They make each performance, rehearsals or otherwise, daebakk! ❤ And oh, IDK about you guys, but I love Dara’s gold pants! ^_^

[직캠] 140402 Rehearsal – Crush (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21·

Comments on: "Video: 140402 OhMyGoddess Fancam of Amazing Dara at “America’s Next Top Model” Rehearsal" (6)

  1. AlohaDara said:

    rei rose, and all Daralings, I am thankful that we have this site to share our thoughts of happiness and concerns as much as we want so no worries. Its because we love Dara.

  2. I hope that DARA will not do the lap dance .i hope they will change it for her to dance just sexy around the guy and give him kiss on the cheek that’s all that’s only my suggestion i hope somebody will mention this to the CEO to changed DARA acts not good for her image SHE MIgHT BE OLD BUT she LOOKS SO YOUNG TO DO THE ACT.I still love DARA though but please don’t feed the haters idea.

  3. Well, I just have to mention it at least once then I’ll probably let it go >.< I just want Dara to be treated fair, on the other hand she did look very pretty in the vid and she looks very young and fresh =) I'm with you with the lap dances. I know they do it for fun and the girls awkwardness makes it so but I do not approve. Particularly with Dara and CL's routine. I want them sexy without being in your face with it. There, end of rant =p I'll forever be a blackjack and a daraling.

  4. AlohaDara said:

    rei, do you really think its the hairstylist or Dara? That’s a question us the fans need to ask her if given the chance. I don’t think she is so weak and powerless to stop the stylist from making her what we feel is not the best. It just happens most of the time that I think she really has a hand in down playing her beauty. Why? I don’t get it either. and I would get frustrated like you. But little by little, I’m letting go of the frustration and saying whatever makes her happy.
    What really bothered me is that they are having her do a lap dance. I think 2NE1 shouldn’t be doing it, it looks awkward and I don’t want them to do what the Americans do. They are naturally sexy without that kind of performance. but I figured I must be a too old aunty who doesn’t want this for my girls. sigh…

  5. The gold pants are okay for me, It’s her hair I’m having trouble with. Everytime the girls have a chance to be expose in the international scene, Dara always sports that do (or something some like it) =( I know she looks good in everything but it doesn’t hurt if the hair-stylist at least try to take the time to give her a much prettier style or just leave her hair alone and just let it down >.< It's like they're trying to downplay her so she won't stand out much or at all =( Sorry just have to say it at least once

  6. AlohaDara said:

    love the gold pants too!

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