The girls be killing it, as per usual! ^_^

And oh, just would like to take this time to remind all of us to please, please be respectful when commenting on fancams on YouTube. Especially group fancams. Nokio (the one who took these fancams) and the rest of the KBJs love and support ALL the girls, even when they have biases of their own. She commented that it’s sad to see Blackjacks fight and put down one of the members so as to raise up their own bias. It’s sad, infuriating, and disrespectful. T_T Respect begets respect. ^_^

2014 04 02 ATNM 2NE1 – CRUSH Rehearsals

140402 ATNM 2NE1 – CRUSH Performance

Credits: 21NOKIO + DC2NE1

Comments on: "Videos: 140402 Fancams of 2NE1’s Rehearsal and Performance for “America’s Next Top Model” Finale in Korea" (14)

  1. AlohaDara said:

    phenomenal star, excellent question.I believe we are all born with are own personalities and within our homes and environment our thoughts are shaped to who we are today. As unique individuals we react differently, we see things differently and we keep growing in our own understanding of the world around us. But we need each others differences to figure it all out. The issue here I think is we need to learn to respectfully agree to disagree. We can listen and try to understand the other persons point of view but we do not have to agree. As I read everybodys comments, I see there are no haters here, just people sharing their concerns. I have to say that I am a Daraling first. I fought the injustice, the unfairness, the obvious favoritism YG has for his people. But when Missing You came out it was a pivotal time for me. 2 lines…I was sick, didn’t buy the song, wanted Dara to quit and just join another company because it was obvious to me that they had been using her as just the pretty face of the group and she deserved so much more.
    But a funny thing happened. Dara kept smiling, promoting the group wholeheartedly and just rejoicing at the success of their song. She continues to be CL Bom and Minzys greatest support and she genuinely loves these ladies as they do her. Dara has taught me this, her humility and understanding her place in 2NE1. Even though her part is always the smallest, she gives it her all and more. She knows her weaknesses and shared her concern on what she brings to the group while the others sing and dance better then she. Simply put, she doesn’t give up and works hard to achieve the goals she sets for herself and is loyal to 2NE1 and YG. YG has said that she is the strongest because she made the impossible possible. What a remarkable woman. So I let got of all the crap and things not in my control. My attitude changed just in time to enjoy their comeback, the CRUSH album and AON concert The unfairness doesn’t bother me as much anymore so I was happy with the parts Dara got in their new songs. I guess its all about perspective. As long as Dara is happy, then I am. love you all and thank you Oh Dara for this site where we can rant and rave and rejoice with all things Dara. Fighting!

  2. phenomenal star said:

    i wonder if sensing injustice is an inborn trait or a learned trait for some are more sensitive to it and some just take it as a normal occurrance. why do some seem to accept unjust practices while others fight to right the injustice.

  3. I think It would have been unfair if CL had dressed differently for the actual show. It is a rehearsal of the song (not a dress rehearsal since they have already worn it). As stated above, she could have come from a prior commitment, the outfit might not have been ready or needed some fixing or she could have just not wanted to wear it so everyone should just let it be because it is NOT A BIG DEAL so GET OVER IT. I do not agree that the CRUSH album was dominated by CL, in fact out of the 3 songs she composed, only 1 song which is crush actually had the most CL parts. In her two other compositions she was very fair in singing parts division. I don’t see people complaining that BOM has 2 solo songs prior, Dara has 1 and lots of exposure. The only one of them that really needs attention is MINZY. It is not one member’s fault if a lot of the focus are on her at the moment. Each of the three other than Minzy has had their own spot in the limelight and just because your bias isn’t front and center doesn’t mean another member is selfishly stealing her thunder.

    You guys just need to chill, this album is one of the most evenly distributed albums to come out of 2ne1 in a while (probably because TEDDY didn’t have a full hand in it). It is very disappointing that people are acting like pressed fans for their biases. 2NE1 already expressed their satisfaction for CL over the CL composed songs. THEY LOVE IT so why shouldn’t you people if you are really blackjacks and not just DARA fans or BOM fans or MINZY fans or CL fans? DARA even said that she can actually here her voice with CL composed songs. Gosh, this is so disappointing. I STAN THEM ALL so this whole issue is just sordid and kinda pathetic TBH. Just stop making issues and being jealous for your BIAS Because from the looks of it, they are all happy.

    • I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions but I would never call anyone pathetic if they actually have the guts to say what they actually think. If you read my post properly before writing this then you might react differently. I know that Dara had all beauty promotions but is it wrong that cosmetics companies wanted her. They weren’t promoting any major album when Dara had all the limelight. I know my bias is the other three except CL but I never said anything bad about her so please don’t misunderstand.

      Please read my post properly. I just want YG to set his priorities right.


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  6. Dear all,
    Dara is my bias and will always be but I love all the girls. I agree with Yuki (I felt the same although I never express my feelings until now and I don’t intend to do so again as much as possible) except with the “back-up dancers” issue here. I’ve read from a tumblr blog that CL just came from an interview prior to rehearsal so she wasn’t in the same outfit as the three girls. I don’t know how reliable the source is, but I think CL wouldn’t want it to look like the other three are her back-ups. Dara is always praising CL and said that she’s the sweetest so I’d like to believe that Dara isn’t lying about it.

    • That outfit issue i understand. Thanks for clarifying it but it is not the main issue here. My comments are not directed to CL but to YG. Our girls went thru alot just to get here so treat them as a group. I don’t like it when CL gets called the main vocal when truthfully we all know she isn’t. One fan said that CL deserves all the parts in the album because she composed and wrote most of it but that’s not an excuse for not dividing the parts equally. If CL really wanted to express her emotions thru her songs she should have just kept it as her own . True that Dara’s parts really suit her voice in this album but we must all admit that the three girls talents wasn’t really show cased much in this album. That’s all i have to say. Let us hope that YG will sort out his priorities for the sake of our girls and this fandom.

      • I totally agree with Yuki. If YG is trying to hype CL as the new or next GD then he is doing a really bad job. GD composes most of the songs for BB but do you see him giving most of the lines to himself?? I seriously don’t understand how hard it is to evenly distribute lines among 4 members!? Never really agreed with how Teddy distribute the lines. It’s really hard being in this fandom when your bias is just getting unfairly treated. If it’s not the uneven lines, it’s the hair, the outfits….Sigh

  7. 100% agree with yuki

  8. phenomenal star said:

    i agree with yuki too. it is like the humungous white elephant in the room nobody cares to talk about. fighting dara!!!

  9. hands down to you @yuki ..couldn’t agree more..but i love them all i swear but i think anyone can see it

  10. Hi Admin,

    I understand Nokio’s point of view but at the end of the day fans can see the unfairness and favouritism that sorrounds 2ne1 on their latest album lately. I admit my bias is Dara but I love SsangPark too. YG needs to sort out his priorities and end this bias fan wars. He either needs to focus on 2ne1 as a group alone or just focus on CL as a solo artist so she can debut in the US. My other 3girls looked like back up dancers during this rehearsals and I hate it. CL as their leader should have noticed this. I never brought CL down but I always said that this album had a CL feel not 2ne1 and all the marketing and promotion is also around her. Whenever I say out there that CL might as well debut as a solo artist, GZB’s fight back and say that the other three is lacking. It frustrates me. It’s a group, don’t you think their should be fairness admin? Everyone is entitled to their opinions but it hurts to see that the limelight is all being directed only to one girl.

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