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[140317] 2NE1 LINE AUDIO UPDATE 01

[140317] 2NE1 LINE AUDIO UPDATE 02

[140317] 2NE1 LINE AUDIO UPDATE 03


Source: 2NE1 Official Line Account

Audio Source: xandeelicious

Screen Cap by: @chriszlchye

Comments on: "Audio/Line: Dara Shares an Incomplete Story on How to Imitate YG + Audio Updates from Ssangpark" (7)

  1. AlohaDara said:

    princessexxi, we posted at the same time, so thank you again for tirelessly updating us with all things Dara.

  2. AlohaDara said:

    thanks yuki. Dara can have her picture with any of her fanboys, as long as shes happy then I’m happy. So much fanboys, so little time. hahahaha

  3. the admin is a daragon fan. hehe. you can choose the background yourself.

  4. AlohaDara said:

    under the message is a picture of Dara and one of GD. Is that on her phone, or just random posters that just happen to be there? just wondering how that all works.

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