Afterparty With 2NE1 At Club ‘THE A’

On the afternoon of March 2nd2NE1 performed and concluded the kickoff to their second world tour “ALL OR NOTHING” at the Olympic Park’s SK Handball Stadium. Starting the 1st, the two-day start off to their tour was met with a positive and heated response from approximately 12,000 fans. The girls showed a tremendous amount of energy on stage. Overall it was a great success.


However, 2NE1’s event did not end at the SK Handball Stadium. After the concert on the 2nd, the girls hosted an after party at club ‘THE A’, which is located in Gangnam Gu Yeoksam Dong, at around 10 P.M. The reason for this after party was to address the sorrow of fans that usually follows after the end of a concert. With their fans filling up the club, the heat and energy that was initiated at the concert was revived once again.

2NE1 arrived at the club at around 1 A.M on the 3rd. The fans, who had been waiting hours for their arrival, fixed their gazes on the stage. Occupying all of floors of the venue, the audience cheered on the girls as they performed their familiar tracks “I Am The Best” and “I Love You” as well as those off their new album such as “Gotta Be You” and CL‘s solo “Mental Breakdown”. Despite the fact that they had previously done a 2 hour and 30 minute long concert, 2NE1 displayed no signs of physical deterioration and showed the same amount of energy they did before.

The event at the club also proved to be a success, as fans were able to watch the girls in a more intimate and close setting. In addition, 2NE1 kept their high level of charisma, energy and power that they displayed on the SK Handball Stadium stage. This marks the first time a Korean girl group hosts an after party after a concert.


Source: Kpopstarz

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