This is so cool! Dara making friends outside of YGE! ❤ She invited Shinhwa’s Minwoo (aka “M”) during their last “New Evolution” concert as well. ^^ 

My hyung whom I respect and love~ ^^ Indeed YG!! Best in the universe~ at 2ne1’s concert… Dara yah, thanks for inviting me and I enjoyed myself thanks to you ^^ New song Come Back Home is daebak!! Well done~



Source: Minwoo’s Facebook Page via Malpabo on Tumblr

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: Shinhwa’s Minwoo Attends “All Or Nothing” Concert, Takes Selca with YG ~ “Dara-Ya, Thanks for Inviting Me!”" (4)

  1. Aww their friendship is so cute ^^!

  2. Pppppppppp said:

    Awwwwwww he attended the ne concert too…. I think they are very good friends! And Dara kept getting mention at Shinhwa broadcast before…. jjang!

  3. Dara invited minwoo and jung il woo wow dara yaaaa~

  4. Jekardipine said:

    Can someone tell me who else were spotted at the concert 🙂
    Thanks !

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