Dara, when looking at the shooting site of ‘My Love From the Star’ cameo..’Passionate+Lovely’


[OSEN=Seon Mi Gyung] The recording of a girl group 2NE1’s Dara, who appeared as cameo on SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘My Love From the Star’, was revealed.

Dara appeared on the final episode of ‘My Love From the Star’ that aired in the afternoon of February 27th as a top actress, and walked on the red carpet of awards ceremony with Yoo In Na. Dara is also a passionate viewer of ‘My Love From the Star’ and she appeared as cameo with the friendship with Yoo In Na as they are both from YG Entertainment.

The picture that the agency revealed on the morning of February 28th is the behind picture of the shooting site in which Dara appeared on the red carpet. Dara showed off sexy and chic charm with a broad hat, black clothes and red lips.

It is heard that on the day of the shooting, Dara wore a thick padding jacket in the freezing weather and participated in the shooting passionately by double-checking her recorded parts even though she appeared on the drama only for a short time and so on. Especially, Dara showing a lovely smile with a hot pack in her hands is getting attention.

My Love From the Star’ got the attention of the viewers with incredibly amazing cameos until now. Lots of stars such as the actor Yoo Joon Sang, Park Young Gyu, Ryu Seung Ryong and miss A Suzy and so on appeared as cameo and added fun to the drama. In the final episode, Dara appeared and highlighted the finale of ‘Cameo battle’.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 in which Dara is in announced the official comeback with the 2nd regular album ‘CRUSH’ that they released at midnight of February 27th and will hold second world tour ‘ALL OR NOTHING’ at Seoul Olympics Park SK Olympics Handball Stadium from 1st to 2nd of next month.

Credits: Naver Starcast

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