2NE1 spoke up about its upcoming world tour.

At the open rehearsal held in Kintex on February 20, 2NE1 talked about its upcoming world tour All or Nothing.

CL said, “It’s all or nothing. We’re going to have our comeback at the same time. We named it like that because it’s only our second full-length album and we’ve been away for some time, and we want to show our everything to fans.”


About the concept shown on the world tour poster, the 2NE1 member commented, “We wanted to express everything a woman can express, and we planned our performance around that idea. The outer space concept was chosen, because we wanted to give out that unrealistic, un-human, and extraordinary feeling when we’re performing on the stage.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will be holding its second world tour in Seoul on March 1 and 2, before heading to 12 cities in 9 countries, including Japan, China and more.

Credit: MWave

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