So aside from 2NE1’s “AON” concert, we’ll be having 2014 YG Family World Tour as well! Oh wow! ^^ To be honest, I would love to see another YG Family concert, but I really, truly hope that they don’t hurry 2NE1’s AON on account of this. ^_^ I would love it if the girls took their time and visited more countries since they mentioned they wanted to see Southern America and other countries outside Asia as well.. ❤ But anyways, can’t wait for more details! ❤





Source: @ygent_official

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Official: YG Entertainment’s Twitter Announces “YG Family 2014” World Tour~ Are You Ready, YG Stans?!" (7)

  1. AlohaDara said:

    I was excited to hear about YG family going on tour. But you guys are sharp. tour dates are so close. so what do you think the fans will do? see 2NE1 only or go to YG family concert to see the rest. can the fans afford both?
    wonder what YG’s reasoning is behind this set up…it definitely doesn’t feel like it would be a positive for the 2NE1 AON world tour.

  2. If SME can do that, why YGE can’t??
    I’m not an SME stan, but as far as I know, they have been doing SM Town World Tour, with EXO, Shinee and F(x) doing promotions and all that, and with SJ and GG doing their own groups concerts and dramas and CF and all that.

    So, why can’t YG Family do that?

  3. As much as I have been wanting another YG FAM con, I feel like this might affect 2ne1’s tour sales. Also, I’ve read in a not-so-accurate source that the YG con will start on April. Assuming that the date is correct, I fear that this might take a toll on 2ne1’s health.

  4. Is YG trying to deliberately screw over our girls? People will most likely prioritize the YG Family Concert rather than AON, fans are not made of money. Also, the dates might overlap and whatnot. Why can’t the company just focus on 2NE1 for once? Sorry for my outpouring negativity but 2NE1 is rotting away in YG, they’ve lost momentum a long time ago.

  5. 2NE1 is practically gonna live on a plane for 2014. They’d be out of Korea so much, even Big Bang, I just wish YG will make time for them to do regular promotions.

  6. We’ll see WINNER and Akdong Musician in this Tour since they’ll debut, right???!!

    AKKKKKKKK!!! Thank you YG for being considerate with us fans this year. Giving us comebacks, albums, debuts and concerts for 2014.

    Though you’re a troll, we truly love you!!!! 😀 Kamsahamida!

  7. I agree!!!

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