Dara shared her beautiful comic drawing titled: “When God made CL”

 Is this the trend lately? I tried making one too. When God made CL! I’ll release the other members tomorrow ~


Credit: @krungy21

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls; As Tagged

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara(@krungy21) – “Is this the trend lately?”" (6)

  1. May Enriquez said:

    Admin pls translate when god made minzy & bom…..

  2. Someone commented on facebook in reply to Dara’s drawing — “And God is Dara.”

    I had to laugh at that one!

  3. lorenadenise said:

    IF GOD HAS A FACE WHAT WOULD IT BE!!!!! i just didn’t realize that god has a palm tree hair.and looks like santa also???!!!!

  4. LOL! so creative… kekeke hmmm??? excited for minzy and bom comic and will she also create for herself? ehe

  5. ChaeRa<3

  6. too much adorableness…haha… cutie dalong!! My ship is sailing! ^_^v

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