Oh wow, this fondant cake looks simple, yet awesome! I’m quite sure this would taste great. XD Awesome of Adidas to give Dara a cake on her birthday! So thoughtful! ❤



Adidas cake… It must’ve been jostled on one side during delivery ^^;;: But despite this, thank you (__)

Adidas Korea then retweeted her Tweet!



Source: @krungy21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Shares a Picture of Her Adidas Birthday Cake ~ “It Got Jostled, but Thank You!”" (8)

  1. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    So, Sandara and Super Junior’s Donghae have the same Adidas cake? Oh my DaraHae feels! 😀 It seems too much of a coincidence. Hmmm… I smell something fishy. Hahaha! 😀

  2. She posted it on twitter today. Funny, I checked adidas cake 2ne1 and suju and guess what I found. Dara and Donghae have the same cake, then CL and Eunhyuk have the same cake too. Did adidas send this on purpose. LOL!

  3. Yikes, my daragon heart is slowly moving towards darahae~ *ditzy*

    Anyway, I’m feeling like stalker waiting for more party picture updates~

  4. At kristine i saw that cake its something fishy around here,similar cake who gave who?I like what i saw……r they giving us a hint?

    • She did say that she’ll give us a hint! Maybe it’s this one! Kidding! Hope it’s for a comeback, her hint thingy 😀

  5. same with this pic.. check this out… https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BZALg17CEAIXWjQ.jpg:large

    • Another darahae moment…so much darahae this past few day. Kyaa! My feels ♥

    • When was this? Exactly the same!! Was this given to him by Adidas as well?

      Have you seen his recent post on twitter him wearing a Mickey mouse beanie? I well don’t ship but the post is somehow same as Dara’s and the cap with ears. Whateve!! Hahahaha 😀

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