Credit: oidokatrina

Comments on: "Fan Audio: Sandy Song by @skinnypig" (8)

  1. cried again..this is the 3rd time this day…
    i miss sandy badly…

  2. to skinny pig a very touching song u made me cry listening the lyrics i could feel the love that u have with DARA i hope that u keep on composing song and one day u will be famous as DARA.

  3. What a precious tribute to Sandy!Your sweet voice and beautiful song will touch her heart.
    Thank you for loving her as much as we do!

  4. Dragonfly87 said:

    Wow. That was quite a nice song with really good melody. It sounds like you could use it in a TV ad for all things sweet! 🙂

    Kudos to @skinnypig for a wonderfully self composition. I enjoyed it immensely! Dara is lucky to have a fan like you!

    Happy Birthday, Dara!! You deserve all the love in the world. Keep on inspiring people who have grown to love and respect you. God Bless you, dear.

  5. happy bday my dear dara….you are an inspiration…you’re my stress reliever…hope you will find your man and marry soon…i’m more excited in your lovelife than mine…he3…love you dara….i will not be able to join trending in twitter because i don’t have’re always in my prayer…

  6. It was a very nice song!,, i love it. I love sandy happy birthday

  7. wow! seriously!? .. i love it.. the lyrics and rhythm..

    i also composed lyrics for Dara Nuna.. sadly no instrumental yet.. >.<

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