OMG DARA IS NOT HUMAN, AIGOO. Just look at her GLOWING.. I swear, if I was in a dark room with Dara somewhere in the same room with me, I’d just look for her because she freaking shines.. ❤


LOL GD you ganboy you! Dara looking so atttentively!


Check out the gallery! You might have to squint to find YG Family, but they’re at the background, jamming to the performers! Dara, CL, GD, Xin/Yanggeng, Lydia, and Marshall Bang! ^^




Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: HD, Fantaken Pics of Glowing Dara and YG Family at AOMG Launching Party" (6)

  1. first picture: she looks like a doll!..really! vampire Dee! unnie!~~~<3

  2. wow….a vampire indeed

  3. AlohaDara said:

    Korea should really do their version of Twilight and Dara could be the main girl and anyone of her fanboys Chanyeol, Donghyun,Yoo Min Kyu, or Top, Kim Jae Joong, Lee Min Ho, the possibilities are endless!

  4. wow Dara is glow in the dark LOL she’s so pretty!

  5. Ann Saturinas said:

    shes reallY a VAMPIRE GODDESS! :)))

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