Awww! Happy Birthday to another gorgeous Park Sibling, Durami!!! ^_^

Dara is jealous that Thunder bought a gift for Durami but he never buys a birthday gift for her! ^_^ Kyeopta!


I came here to greet happy birthday~!!! ^.^ Yesterday is our cutie manager who does eyesmile, Sehun’s birthday! Although you’re shy and different with Jjangmae and I can’t post a picture of you, happy birthday! Second~ It’s my little sister’s birthday today~ Cheondung said “It’s little noona’s birthday right?” & bought a gift! I want to get a birthday gift from Cheondung too. Big noona’s bday is soon. Ah Cheondung’s birthday is coming first, anyways to everyone whose birthday is on September, Happy birthday! 

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Comments on: "Me2Day: Dara – “It’s my little sister’s birthday today…”" (6)

  1. Sandara Stark said:

    Happy birthday! Be happy! I wonder what’s the gift Chundoong got for Durami.

  2. is that jacket same with gd? #justaskin

    • Actually it kind of reminded me of Taeyang’s(and I’m not saying this because of my dp). But they all wear the same things kind of. Either way she looks absolutely gorgeous.

  3. The jacket looks familiar 🙂

  4. i thought cheondung give her a jacket?

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