Dara’s “tape” sweats have made their reappearance! ❤ With her blonde hair, she definitely looks oh so yellow! XD And oh man, YB’s hair! XD


The Loneliness of Self-Discipline(고독한 자기관리) 465편!


Source: @Hwangssabu

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Cute, “Tape” Dara and Wild-Haired Taeyang Exercising at YG Gym" (15)

  1. taeyang is very good to dara,hope she will open her heart to him….

  2. Yay! Taeyang~ie! A very good guy to Dara ~ *nod *nod ~ but… I’m still waiting for that miraculous TOP-DARA moment… T_T

  3. yeah i enjoy reading all this comments here i hope taeyang wil read it too.I really like him among the BB members he is cool,sweet,talented too and got a nice voice.I hope he will fine a very loving GF one day.

  4. Dara and her nephew Taeyang…

  5. They’ve been exercising together a lot lately. And becoming closer. Next thing we know they’ll be exercising on one treadmill together. Lol.

    I know we’re not supposed to write shipping comments, but yeah…I think Taeyang is a really good guy. If they ever get together, I’d be very happy. He always treats her well. Peace yo.

  6. I love their friendship,I love Taeyang’s personality ever since I’ve been fan of YG family never heard bad things about him. nor scandal.

  7. lol..finally..the mystery of one threadmill apart is gone..

  8. dillatiffa said:

    dar, “loneliness in discipline”, eh?? you’re with tae there.. why feel lonely?? are you expecting some-particular-one?? #lol #eh

  9. Not threadmill apart now, they’re friendship is finally progressing. Way to go Taeyang LOL!

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