According to @sungp00, one of the KBlackjacks who were there, the girls went back after Music Bank pre-recording. She didn’t know the reason why they did so. It looks like they’re going to record something else, since Dara is all dressed-up and styled-up still. ^_^




Dara and CL! ❤



Sources: @littlestone_ @sungp00

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130830 Fantaken Pics of Beautiful, Stunning Dara After Music Bank Pre-Recording" (6)

  1. I like Dara’s body. Slim yet very sexy!!! My bias… T_T

  2. super love Dara’s dress, it hugs her curves perfectly. Finally!!! Stylists please let Dara wear something like this more often!

  3. WOW! finally, Dara was given the right dress that will emphasize her curves. For a while, i thought CL will be the new face of 2ne1. Dara is still the!

  4. aigooo just wow!! they are going to yg building like this.
    specially dee hmmmm.

  5. Woohoo, a dress that actually fits properly and shows off Dara’s figure!!!

  6. radulińa said:

    omg dara’s legs wohooo !! but honestly i really hate these shoes

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