If I ever get to visit this store, I’d be more tempted to steal (or buy) the glorious Dara posters than the make-up.. T_T Of course, Clio is great, but dannnggggg, just look at all those wonderful, gorgeous photos of our goddess.. T_T


IMG_8730 IMG_8686



Source: Visual Book Blog

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: Gorgeous, Stunning Dara for Clio Ads in the New Club Clio “Make It New” Store in Hongdae!" (4)

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  2. Oh my gee…i feel you admin look at that seductive woman…coughfanboyscough…keke…

  3. *branch

  4. Club clio store looks very sophisticated.. How i wish they will have a internationally.. Geez! And dara..shes freaking grgeous! Simplicity is beauty!wow

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