Our Dara brought her guitar with her! Ssancoustic! ❤ I am happy she’s spending more time practicing her guitar skills. ^_^ And it looks like Bommie didn’t go with them… Maybe she overslept again? ^_^

BSUMzOxCAAAR7uI.jpg large


BSUOnrwCYAABMRj.jpg large

BSUAzv1CQAAI1tS.jpg large

Wonder what they saw that made them look so shocked? Kekeke! ^^

BSUNRGwCYAMasjG.jpg large

More pictures after the cut!

BSUNaCyCQAAtbIa.jpg large


BSUNgEhCMAA7zQn.jpg large


Source: @sungp00, @0414Kyanaeeeen and @NOKIOv

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130823 Fantaken Pics of Dara, CL, and Minzy at the Airport Headed for Japan for A-Nation Osaka" (11)

  1. In da 2nd pic i thnk its n0t cl . Cl w0re heels . But the girl 0n da 2nd pic w0re shoes . Who is she?

  2. 2nd photo CL borrowed Dara’s plaid shirt 🙂 ChaeRa!

  3. CL looks like the mommy, Minzy the Eldest daughter of Mommy CL, then Dara the youngest daughter..kkkk.

  4. goddess looks pale but still gorgeous .. and loving cl’s attire keke 😀 where is bom though? hmm…

  5. She looks like Thunder 😀 But why does she look so pale? Dara-unnie take care always. Stay away from the gym for a while and get some rest and eat! You really don’t need to shape up, you’re already fi~neee. 😀

  6. Dara wearing dat chekerd polo again..wohooo :))

  7. aww. her simplicity is the best ❤

  8. kekeke..Dara and her white T-shirt ^^..her face look so tired..fighting unnie!!

  9. Dara could have let their manager or PAs carry the guitar for her but as humble and kind as her, she does it for herself. Simply Sandara Park. ^^ Owh ChaeRa ❤

  10. Dara looks really pale here! Hope she has been eating well!

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