OMG! Just how cute is this?! Dara being her hyper and krung krung self! Haha! SOOO ADORABLE!!! I wonder who was laughing at the video~ Kekeke! ^^ Dara, never ever ever change! ❤

Credits: papapa pra

Comments on: "Line/Video: Crazy Dara Dances to the Krung Krung Version of ‘Falling In Love’ At The Beach" (14)

  1. Blackjack 4ever said:

    First of all, i’m quite surprised at some of the latest comments here sounds like its coming from Dara’s haters…? Whatever she choose to wear nowadays is her choice now, if she doesn’t show as much skin as her 2ne1 sisters, so be it, don’t blame her body, don’t blame YG, don’t blame her managers, stylist or whoever you wanna blame for her appearance or hair colour…blame yourself for being here and whine about nothing. whatcha doing here anyway…go find some other girl groups who loves to show their skin for you (there’s alot out there nowadays) and just be happy…aishh,,really. Anyhow, for those who are curious bout the laughing cameraman, its RJinPeace guys, checkout the latest line audio update of double park…the one-of-a-kind laugh is in there too 😛 hehehe. anyhow, can’t wait to see the new MV and support the girls all the way!! fighting!

  2. I really can’t wait for dou you love me…I just saw minzy in sexy swimsuit …and even cl’s sexy outfit too..everybody will be wearing something sexy ,well except for dara again..she will be all bleh while the others will be matured hot and sexy…and will of course will be disappointed again with her outfit in typical and predictional

    • Sunrise Angel said:

      really???oh well, FUCK YG!!!!ugh

      • Lol I don’t think it’s yg’s fault’s dara who doesn’t want to wear a swimsuit bec of her flat chest or whatever..but I mean some models are flat chested too but they still look sexy in a swimsuit..I think dara is lacking in self confidence when it comes to flaunting her body..she did it once in fhm…yeah just be cutesy all the time…whatever..still going to be dissappointing..haha

        • Sunrise Angel said:

          Its because the other “fans” always make fun of her body!!!ugh…So its ok for those jealous fat girl to call skinny girls, flat chested then?!!wow….Not every girl has big boobs!!fat+ugly inside out= the most disgusting girl…yuck….Fashion TV love flat chested girls!!!!and I’d rather be slender than a cow!!!btw, She need a new manager/stylist to convince her that she look good in sexy outfits!!pronto!!

        • Sunrise Angel said:

          and Its YG fault too!!I remember an article that YG told Dee to push her small breast?!WTF?!!-_-

  3. Sunrise Angel said:

    She’s weird but i love her<33333 XD
    Sandara+Loca by Shakira= perfect<3333

  4. Krungkrung said:

    haha.. gorgeous Sandara.! very dorkey Sandara Park. Forever krungkrung. who’s that crazy laugh? haha..

  5. The laugh sounds like Psy to me haha but I doubt it….! LOL… he’s too busy 😦

  6. When I first saw this on my phone I lol’d. Dara, why so cute? ❤

  7. this is what i want to see…dara dancing in abandon..k eke ke..

  8. oh my gahd.. i almost choked! super dorkey dara shes really one of a kind im so happy i really luv her, and dat laugh whos dat? and her peace sign very familiar dat move kekeke… jjang!

  9. Crazy Dara!!! Super adorable. And that crazy laugh is daebak!!!

  10. love2ne1 said:

    dorky dara +falling in love + the hillarious laugh! Daebak! I love how krungkrung she was xD and who’s the cameraman? Haha that’s what you call LOL! Kekeke.

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