OMG!!! 2NE1’s Running Man episode was so fun and hilarious! Haha! XD It sucked the energy out of me! The girls were so funny screaming here and there, hiding, and running around. Dara’s hair was so tall, it keeps on peeping out wherever she hides. XD HaHa and Gary even asked her if her hair can connect to wifi because it looks like an antenna. XD  Because of her small and frail body, Bom and Minzy keeps on “bullying” her and “throwing” her around during one part of the game. Minzy did so well! Chaerin was so smart! And Bommie was so funny when she was screaming! So many things happened and I can’t still get over it! WEEEE! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FULL EPISODE WITH SUBS!!! 


Credits: krisbrows8 + KpopStreamSBS

Comments on: "Videos: Fun and Hilarious 2NE1 Cuts On Running Man (Raw)" (4)

  1. haha..aigoo my stomach who said my girls not good in variety show….wohhh i want more 2ne1…haha i cant with this girls

  2. Hilarious! The girls were too funny on this :)) I can’t wait to see the subs when they come out.

  3. I laugh so hard even though i don’t understand what are they saying !!

  4. daisang said:

    tnx for sharing… waha! they are all funny and dara’s hair daebak! excited for the eng sub

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