So gorgeous!!! T___T Yes Dara, we love you so much!!! T___T


Credits: As Tagged + Oh My Goddess
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "HQ Photo: 130728 Gorgeous Dara Leaving SBS Building" (5)

  1. Are they”Hopelessly Romantic???”…YG have mercy…let there be LOVE for 2ne1 in real life…another title for their album…”Love is all that matters”…Dara are you IN or OUT ??? Meaning IN love or OUT of love…:-)

  2. that’s probably the title of their next song? “i love you” last year, “falling in love”, then “do you love me” maybe… the title of their album should be “all about love” ^^

    • lemonade said:

      the lyrics have this line: “do you love me e e e e” LMAO

      2ne1 is not predictable so i think the next song will be far from what we expected i guess.

  3. gogojuice said:

    so precious… 🙂

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