YG’s Yang Hyun Suk, “Bom + Dara Equals Absolute Idiosyncrasy” 


[OSEN=손남원 기자] The founder of YG Entertainment, YANG HYUN-SUK, left a heart-warming comment for BOM and DARA, the two of four 2NE1 members. The group made a comeback after 2 years since their last song.

On July 15, YANG commented about the two members who are actively promoting the group on DOUBLE PARK TV, “BOM and DARA are extremely unique characters who are unpredictable. So the DOULBE PARK TV made by these two girls is an epitome of absolute idiosyncrasy.”

DOUBLE PARK TV is an ambitious promotional method by YANG, who successfully produced BIGBANG’s Audition and 2NE1 TV. The name of the program comes from BOM and DARA’s identical family names, PARK. The promotion team consists of the two most outgoing and witty members of 2NE1, which aims to communicate with the fans directly.

DARA, who has already been actively promoting the group to the fans, pulled in DARA and gave her a title ‘Promotion Agent’. This is how the duo promotion team was formed.

YANG has a special fondness and expectations for DOUBLE PARK TV. He said, “BOM and DARA’s DOUBLE PARK TV is still being filmed, and as the two girls are loving the promotion activities, they are going to be filming it until the end of the year, until 2NE1 wraps up new album.”

He added, “DOUBLE PARK TV is formed by two characters who are extremely unique and idiosyncratic. For them, running a customized and free program suits them better than TV variety show, and it will be more fun.”

2NE1’s fans also love the program. Fans are excited to see what kind of transformation the normally classy and charismatic BOM and DARA will show them through DOUBLE PARK TV.

In the sneak-peek preview of DOUBLE PARK TV, the two members were filmed receiving entrance and business cards from YG office, doing funny and clumsy gestures. No wonder fans are excited.

DOULBE PARK TV is available on 2NE1’s official YouTube channel, YG’s official blog, 2NE1’s official LINE account and Naver TV CAST. The first episode will be aired for the first time on the Internet soon.

2013. 7. 15.

Source: YG-Life

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  2. kissyvee said:

    Can’t wait to watch the first episode!
    Already loving the teaser! kkk
    so happy they get to show their adorable dorky&witty self once again, 😛
    Double Park TV Fighting!! 🙂

  3. I hope they do well and I hope that a major TV channel pick-up the
    show. They’ll be like a breath of fresh air in Korean TV.^^

  4. Reblogged this on The Baddest Female and commented:
    Everyone always support Park Siblings.. Yeayyyy XD

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