Sandara Bar China’s first airport welcome project! The members of the “bar” (like a fanclub) for Dara, called “Oh! My Dara” prepared a welcome banner/tarp, and cute hand-held banners and a huge rabbit balloon for Dara! The members got to see Dara when she arrived at the airport, in fact, some of the pics were taken from the members. ^^ 


They also had a girl dress up as a rabbit! She wanted to welcome Dara dressed like this! The fan is the same fan as Hwangssabu’s picture uploaded from before. If you guys remember, Hwangssabu uploaded a pic of a Dara-look-alike in GD’s Shanghai concert! This is the girl! ❤ She’s just 14-15 years old, but she already loves Dara so much! ^_^


She was sad because she was on the other side, and Dara had gone near the fans on the opposite side! So she thought that Dara wasn’t able to see her. T_T 



It turned out that Dara did see her! YAAAAYYYY! We were tweeting Dara to tweet if she saw the Miffy Tokki mascot because she was saw, and Dara did tweet that she saw her! She just didn’t think that the mascot was for her, kekeke! She thanked her too. ^_^


Here’s Oh!MyDara’s gifts for Dara, which they were able to hand out to her! ^_^


Dara fans are so dedicated to Dara, wherever she goes! I find it really heart-warming. ^^ But fans do this because Dara never fails to show her appreciation for the fans. So the fans reciprocate. Love all around! ❤

BaiduBar5 BaiduBar4


Source: @krungy21 @SandaraBarCHINA

Article by: OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter+Feature: Dara Thanks Sandara Bar China “Oh! My Dara” for their Warm Welcome" (7)

  1. Why am i Crying While reading this? T-T Im just so touched by the Daralings in china! Wow! You guys are the sweetest and that Girl wearing a Mascot rabbit T_T Thank you! I wanna hug you for loving our goddess so much! And Dara Loves us too that much!! Kkk..why am i being like this!!?? tsssk! *dont mind me* Kkk.. Fighting 🙂

  2. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    Sandara Chinese Fans are so sweet. 🙂 Daralings around the world, let’s show our support to Sandara and for 2NE1 as well. 😀

  3. the mascot was so adorable just like dara

  4. nessadin0 said:

    That is so cute! Hope she meets Dara in the future.

  5. thank u for loving so much our Dara!!! believe me Dara love us more so much!!! ❤

  6. gogojuice said:

    Awww!!! I’m so touched by this young fan! I wanna hug her (>^_^)> <(^.^<) she's such a cute sanntokki ❤

  7. i got teary eyed reading this. i’m so happy she did see the oh so cute miffy-tokki mascot! so proud and happy for you guys!

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