Dara is just too cute!!! She used her Korean fansite’s ‘Oh!My Goddess’ picture, to ask what people thought about her bangs ^^

You look gorgeous, Dara!!! Though we now know it’s just a wig, keke.


Sneaky Unnie!! We’ll just wait until you reveal your new hairstyle/color!!!



“How are my bangs? BGM ‘She bangs’. Photo source: oh my goddess”


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Asks Fans, ‘How are my bangs?’" (7)

  1. :O What if Papa YG is just using Dara as a distraction and in reality, one of the girls who don’t usually dye their hair bright colors like red or purple(I’m looking at your Bom and Minji!);like CL! That’d be a twist!

    Me and my imagination! -.-‘

    I’m sure Dara will have s surprise hairdo or color, OR BOTH, for us!! o^.^o yippie~!

  2. i think it’s either reddish like,orange or blonde to make an impact.. I’m excited to see the hair! oh my goodness!!!

  3. my guess would be dreadlocks just my guess 😛 since the new song going to be reggae. just making the connections

  4. I really hope her now hair is a wig, but cant she jst got the good condition one? the hair look so demage even though it’s pretty on her, but it jst look demaged.

  5. angel's wings said:

    i wrote previously that it might be blond… but whatever style it wld be, it’s not gonna be a problem…. she’s still the prettiest… =)

  6. Check out the photo Dara is blonde http://instagram.com/p/bIQ22MifeM/ Hwangssabu deleted it but some fans were able to copy the photo

  7. what ever hair style you have unnie suits you..^^

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