Dara’s color fashion point is her neon yellow Louboutin Havana Patent Leather Brogues.. ^_^ And yes Dar,a you look mysterious as heck! ❤






Source: News Portal via Nate

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130621 Press Photos of Mysterious Dara at Incheon Airport Going to Singapore" (36)

  1. I want that jacket!

  2. Wow…darong ur really eye catching…ur mysterious hairstyle is surely daebak no matter what….saranghae 4rever

  3. bigb@ng said:

    what if her new hairdo is MOHAWK???kkkk… they always give her unique hairstyle, something that shock fans.:)) but whatever it is I’m feeling excited for their epic comeback.:))

  4. angel's wings said:

    blond? whatever!!! anything suits her… ♥♥♥ 🙂

  5. bald? i think no….beside Dara knows what the public wanted for her…thats will be either short hair or dyed hair…or mybe nothing. Dara loves being cute so i think BALD is not her way and she knew that thunder will get sad if she make a bald style.

  6. egliukas said:

    i’m just praying that she didn’t shaved it >,< i think i wont fall asleep tonight xDDD so excited and nervous…

  7. Anything but bald pls..i know dara looks good on anything..but i know some of u guys can understand me:(

    • F*** YG!!!! said:

      Bald????……ok…..i seriously want to kill those hairstylist so bad!!!!

      • I know! I’m sooo scared right now..just look at the 1st pic. I can’t see even just one strand of hair.. I really hope it’s not:/

  8. Whatever happened to Dara’s hair, I still will love her as always.

  9. Giyongchy said:

    I hope her hair is double bansak, hot pink fauxhawk with electric blue tips!! Dara, you’re my hairstyle icon since…forever! ❤
    People, whatever her hairstyle is, don't be upset with her, she likes to be different and we should support her, not critic. If she does not want to experiment with weird hairs, she would just stick to the normal styles, but no…she wants this and we respect that, okay? Loving Dara as she is, accept her voice, accept her style, accept her hair for pete's sake 😛 Dara, saranghae, keep shining like a neon colored star above the rest, arasso!

  10. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Cute..cute..cute 2ne1 yeoja>..< Daebak unnieyahhh! Dara unnie..simple but always eye catching as always..love her airport outfit! Boomy unnie and maknae Minky…pretty^.^ Fighting for ur perf in Singapore girls^^V

  11. Pls YG & stylists , don’t try any fun on our Goddess Dara again !!! It is getting more annoying &
    frustrating with the so-called ‘fashion’ new hairstyle !!! YG should focus more on Dara’s vocal , NOT hairstyle!!! 4th album already , i think all Daraling will expect more on Dara’s performance in coming new songs rather than the old tactic of changing her to shocking hairstyle !!!

  12. sandara park,different style form others..but i like it,, because i love her! ^_^
    girl who love jeans!

  13. Ohhhmmmgggg!can’t wait!!

  14. belle_2ne1 said:

    …….speechlessss……..but full of stresssss!!!!

  15. BJ4life said:

    no shaved hair pls! I’m nervous! 🙂

  16. m sooooo damn curious!

  17. It better be not cornrows! I will cry.

    Anyway, spotted a new Dara bag-carrier! ㅋㅋ

  18. excited and scared at the same time….. just hoping for the best!!!!!!!!

  19. She now has mohawk hairstyle! Bwahaha! XD

  20. dablaq park said:

    Why YG always let Dara change hairstyle while the other 3 always look same all the time?? Ohmahgawd atleast Dara always look gorgeous of whatever YG wants even if it’s weird. 😉

  21. I’m so curious,, hmm maybe her hairstyle is WAVY CURLY hmmm or ahhhmm waahhh but i hope it looks good on her (although i know anything suits her)^^

  22. mondarahae said:

    maybe she shave her hair…? all hair????? omo! no no no…. I’m ok with the new color… kekekeke

  23. I’m guessing that she changed her hair color to either blonde, red, or pink. I could see a bit of it on her eyebrows?

    Comeback imminent!

  24. Oh my! I’m so curious, I hope too that it’s not cornrows. My guess it’s red ; /

  25. alili21 said:

    Gosh. Its nerve-wracking. I hope its not cornrows again. Maybe a change of color or she cut her hair??

  26. Guess #1 said:

    admin, how abt a prize to who can guess correctly. mine is pink hair like thunders’.

  27. new hair colour? 😀 she suits everything hope it’s feminine and fierce at the same time like the shaved hair! hope it’s not cornrows haha you know reggae dara…i guess we’ll see when they go to the event! haha in the end it might be nothing at all keke

  28. ggrrrrr…so excited…mybe another hair color or she cut her hair….omg i wanna see…dara dara hope it will you well….

  29. Oh! Oh! Oh! 🙂 This sneaking around really means a comeback, right? YG, make it good. 🙂

  30. I wonder what kind of hairstyle she would sport this time. 🙂

    • Me too.. I am really curious that I want to just have a sneak peek inside I am like dying of curiousity here… Dara FIGHTING!!!^-^..

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