Finally! YG has decided to break his silence and posted something concrete about 2NE1’s comeback!!!

2NE1 will be releasing a REGGAE song early July with the title, “Falling In Love.” According to YG, 2NE1 will be releasing ONE NEW SONG AND MUSIC VIDEO EACH MONTH FROM JULY TO OCTOBER. That means there’s one for July, August, September and October. 

Please excuse me while I do a happy 2NE1 comeback dance! T_T

FROM YG – 2013.6.18.

2013-06-18 08:13 am

Hello, everyone. This is Yang Hyun Suk.

It has been a long time since I said hello to you though FROM YG. The reason why I am writing FROM YG

after such a long time is to tell all of you fans out there, the hottest news on the new albums of YG singers

which are set to be released after July. What’s more, a new YG girl group will be releasing their debut album

after four years of preparation. It has been such a long time since I last wrote FROM YG so I have a lot to say.

To give you an full update on what`s new, I will be writing several FROM YGs from now on. In order to make things simple,

I am going tell you what`s happening in YG by answering some questions. I hope you excuse me for using the Q&A format.

When will 2NE1 make a comeback?

Since their debut, 2NE1 has rocked the charts with numerous hit songs year after year. Just to name a few,

in 2009, ‘Fire’ , ‘I Don’t Care’

in 2010, ‘Can’t Nobody’, ‘Go Away’, ‘Clap Your Hands’

in 2011, ‘I am the Best’, ‘Lonely’ and ‘UGLY’.

However, in 2012, the fans were not able to see much of 2NE1 because of their tight world tour schedule.

‘I LOVE YOU’ was the one and only song that 2NE1 released in 2012.

2NE1 is always eager to meet the fans. So rather than releasing all the new songs that 2NE1 prepared

during the last two years in just one album, 2NE1 is planning to release the songs plus music videos

one a month until the end of this year.

2NE1 new title song will be released in early July, followed by other new tracks in August and September.

In October, we are planning to showcase a mini-album or the official second album of 2NE1.

So, 2NE1 will be promoting at least four tracks from July to October.

What are the genres of 2NE1`s new songs and what are their plans for concerts? 

2NE1`s new song, which will be released in early July, will be reggae, an entirely new genre for 2NE1.

The title of the song is ‘Falling in Love’. 2NE1 is certainly trying something new with this new song

but it will sure show all the great stuff that 2NE1 has as the top female K-pop group. For a new twist,

2NE1 is working with new choreographers from overseas. I am sure that the fans will get to love the new title.

Regarding concerts, we do have plans for 2NE1 concerts after the release of the new album in October.

I will fill you up with details as soon as the plans get finalized. I hope that you send your love

and support to 2NE1 and their new songs.

When is the new girl group of YG debuting?

To be continued…see you all tomorrow.

18.06.2013 FROM YG

Source: YG-Life

Comments on: "Official: YG-Life – FROM YG; 2NE1 COMEBACK!!!" (39)

  1. mondarahae said:

    oh my god…! I’m so excited!!!!!! this is it!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see 2ne1 badly!!!!!!!! gggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! godddd i miss them!!!!!!

  2. i almost fainted when i saw this. i’m happy but at the same time really scared that something terrible will happen such as yg changing his mind. I WILL BE ANGRY if he does. he’s so frustrating. i don’t think his strategy is good at all. i wish he just gave the girls a proper comeback. but at least i guess they’ll be active for a long time (if everything goes well!!)

  3. yes!!!! finally. hope YG will not change his schedule. please for once stick with your timeline!

  4. kissyvee said:

    Hmm… I will only believe it when they start releasing teasers, LOL!
    and about the whole release a single every month,hmm.. they did say that last year as well, so I don’t wanna get my hopes up, we’ve been trolled too many times by YG to believe everything he says, LOL!
    But if it does happen, then I will be one happy fangirl! ^^
    it’s beeen waaaaaaaaaaayyy toooo long YG! seriously =_=

  5. very happy to know that 2ne1 will rock the stages with all the member!!! 🙂 🙂
    about yg new girl group………see you tomorrow YG sajangnim

  6. I am so excited!! I was so excited that 2NE1 would have like a 2011 comeback with multiple songs now we’ll be seeing them for four months ^___^ That makes me super happy!! I hope they do two slow and two dance songs. Ah they’re probably hard at work now but thank god there’s a name for the song which means something is happening. I wished they got a full album but I like this idea too. I love they’re doing a reggae concept because I Don’t Care reggae remix was beautiful. When everyone decided to do similar concepts of hip-hop and changing the composition of the song like I Love You, undoubtedly 2NE1 is going to be setting a new trend. Hope they won’t be too tired, it’s a lot of work. AH so excited for concept, fashion everything. 2NE1 WILL rule this year and I’m thankful that YG is doing something big. With four songs, everyone is going bound to like something. It will be a success no matter what. But I know each song will rock. Fighting!!

  7. meti luso said:

    still not believing in this, its YG talking, king of trolls….i`ll get excited and hyperlated when i see the teaser..

  8. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    omo, not to be ungrateful but I was sort of expecting a full album. I’m afraid we’ll end up with just 4 tracks? at least that looks like it for now. and lol at YG posing that questions and answering it by To be continued.. xD anywaym still looking forward to see them actively promote til OCtober. yay!

  9. I’m happy yet anxious at the same time..YG is YG you i will be super happy if i see a teaser~~~Can’t wait for 2NE1’s comeback!~~~

  10. this is the best advance b-day gift ever!

  11. So happy! Can’t wait to hear 2NE1’s new songs. Don’t want to be selfish but I hope YG will push the new girl group till early next year. He said 2NE1 will be releasing one new song July-October then the album, so I hope YG will go full blast with the promotion. If there will be a new girl group, people’s attention will be divided.

  12. i was super excited at first bu then i remember how troll YG is soooo i’m gonna reserve my excitement later when it’s already true.

  13. I was just about to fall asleep when I saw this but now I’m so hyper…..I got out of my bed and did a happy dance. omg!!!! I just hope yg isnt trolling.

  14. redstilleto said:

    I will be silently waiting for July……but the funny part was….posting the last question and then “To be continued….see you all tomorrow” part. Did YG wrote that? Ha ha ha!

  15. to see is to believe

  16. GollaGuy said:

    So can we expect more lines from Dara now? ‘Cos I think her voice suits reggae. 🙂 Can’t wait!!

  17. Charisse said:

    THE QUEENS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please let it be true…please YG!!!!)

  18. Charisse said:

    O!!!! M!!! G!!!! kyaaakkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  19. I’m super happy for the said comeback that is nearing.
    But this again?, that strategy again? and then what? it was their strategy last 2011, the songs were awesome the mv, their concept..all in all it was great. But, no sign of “THE ALBUM” that Mr. YG has promised. It’s been 3 years since they have released an album, please just give them a nice, decent comeback! like what you told us (like what this Q&A of yours told us)..

  20. Yayyyy!!!!! Our girls are finally coming back!!!!! I’ve been listening to all their old songs, re-watching old 2ne1 tv episodes and missing them plenty. So excited!!!!!

  21. get ready for 2ne1 INVASION….2013….CAINT WAIT

  22. oh my god!!!!!!!!I’m so excited……..

  23. new evolution 21st century.. so expect the unexpected.. 2ne1 is an artist that doesn’t stick to one genre.. they were brave enough to show their talent and test the water.. i am proud of 2ne1. FIGHTING

  24. tatashi said:

    im hapy for them! but i dont understand one thing. when will the release the album if they planning to reveal the song every month from Jun to Sep??? i think Yg already try this stategy last year for I am the best, lonely and Ugly and from my opinion, the strategy failed.

    if they released the song every month, by the time they released the album, which is three month later, people will forgot about the other two song which had been relased earlier. its like you are selling a cold food to people.

    Maybe its good for us fan because we can see them always, but compare to Fire era where they release the album ealier, i think i get to see them more often then I am the best era.

    Concerrn Fan

  25. Wish it was true… Yg is a king of troll… I want my girls already… How about on 28?

  26. Hopefully 2NE1 will make a comeback before the new group because if its the other way then there would definitely be a delay!!! I’m getting slightly frustrate trying to keep my hopes high for their comeback because to be quite frank their comeback always get delay! I need a date and time!

  27. 2ne1doll said:

    Yes, yes, and yes!! Finally 😀

  28. Taesong park said:

    OMMO OMMO !!! This is it co blackjacks !! The day that KPOP and 2NE1 will reign again hahahaha This is 2NE1’s Year baby hahaha
    “Falling in love” in reggae form?? Interesting is it somehow connected with I Love You Elements?!!! But I’m pretty sure it will slay… I’m also looking forward for their fashion and hairstyles especially Dara Noona !!! Can’t wait til July (My Birthday) hahaha

  29. Although I am super happy for this news, I will be believing it fully when the teasers are alreadh out. Please YG! Don’t troll us again!

  30. I woke up wondering when the hell YG would release the new 2NE1 song since it’s already nearing the end of June and it was a nice surprise to read this news.

    I guess this means we have 2NE1 to look forward to every month. And I hope that concert pushes through and that they make a stop here in my country. 🙂

  31. diana919 said:

    I want to cry!!!

    Although there’s an official statement, i still wish yg will push through with this cause we all know he did release statement before too and look what happened…

    But im still happy for having that glimmer of hope of seeing them again!!!

    I love you 2ne1

  32. a comeback…yesss every month they will release a song

  33. OMGGGGG you cannot believe how much this news made my day. I’m so giddy right now. Even though I wish it was a mini album instead of single release every month, I’m still happy that each song had its own vid.

  34. yay! we’re so excited! 2ne1 fighting!

  35. so when did he say the new girl group will debut i am not ready for a new girl group tho . i only need 2ne1 . omg here comes 2013 mama !!!!!.

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