Credits: chanho2

Comments on: "Video: Dara Ranks #10 in Top 10 Idol Visual Wontap" (9)

  1. Still Dara is no:1 for me no one can replace her in my heart when it comes to the IDOL.

  2. Why this video become private ?

  3. still proud of her…she ranked number 10 despite she is not usually seen now in korea tv most of the time..just wait when 2ne1 comeback and there will be changes .and thats for sure…yoona and suzy now are popular in korea now for their drama series but look they were just in top 6 and 7…proud you of Sandara…im waiting for your comeback and you will bounce higher…proud of TOP too…

  4. eanne0118 said:

    I cant believe it Sandara is in 10th rank . I dont like Yoona Sandara should be the 3rd !!!.

  5. CAMTDGT said:

    What is wontap ??

  6. What’s a wontap? Anyone?

  7. ahh..whats a wontap? i dont get it…

  8. I cant understand dem.

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