Shogo Yanagi is the manager/ PR director of FAKE TOKYO / CANDY. It seems that he flew to Korea for a continuation of the shoot with Dara for magazine, DAZED&CONFUSED Korea, which is in collaboration with CANDY/FAKE TOKYO! While Dara was in Japan, she did the shoot there, and it seemed that they continued it in Seoul.. ^^ Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see another side of Dara bared in this magazine! Woohoo! ^________^Shogo1

BK8N90HCEAE3C6N.jpg large


BK7S6wuCEAAYXfd.jpg large


“In Korea for this photoshoot!  #DAZED&CONFUSED KOREA”



Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Comments on: "Twitter: FAKE TOKYO/CANDY PR Director, Shogo Yanagi, Reveals Dazed&Confused Photoshoot with Dara!" (1)

  1. 韓国での撮影はこの撮影でした!is “This photoshoot was a photoshoot in (South) Korea!” o.o

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