The girls are in Busan now for an event tomorrow in Busan~! RJ is cheering for them. ^_^ Dara’s relationship with YG Family and staff is so heartwarming. ♥


DARA: 2NE1 is now enjoying Busan~ As expected Busan is nice~ Now popping baloons! This pose is nice right~ This pose is no joke!!! ^^

RJ: Look at this Noona. Why did you go to Busan all of a sudden?

DARA: It is because tomorrow 2NE1 is performing in Busan!!! Oh no~ You don’t have much interest in us?

RJ: I’m not making an appearance though. I’m resting lately. Work hard, perform well and come back! ㅋㅋ

DARA: Is that so… ㅠㅠ~ Also, Shin-sama is using Busan dialect! It’s awkward ㅋㅋㅋ

RJ: It’s been such a while since I’ve been to Busan that I’m confused ㅋㅋㅋ Do well and come back ㅋㅋ

(T/N: RJ and Dara are both using Busan dialect. ^^)

Source: @krungy21

Translated by: OuleySoleil@WeloveDara/OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: RJ Cheers For 2NE1 – “Work hard, perform well and come back!”" (6)

  1. Do. well and sweet…like my bf

  2. Sandara Stark said:

    Why? Where did he go? Haha Wow! Dara is his noona. So, he’s younger. ^^

  3. RJ is back…haha…theyre using busan dialect? so RJ is from busan too?

  4. angel's wings said:

    RJ seems like a nice guy.. i like him haha ♥♥♥

  5. lougee27 said:

    LOL RJ is back.. LOL

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