OMG! Dara tweeted Donghae! And LOLOL Iron Man for the win! XD I agree with Dara, the look suits him with the painted-on mustache. XD


“It suits you well ㅋㅋ”


Source: @krungy21 and @donghae861015

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Tweets Donghae in Iron Man Costume – “It Suits You Well”" (62)

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  2. PEople.don’t worry if he did not tweet back,he is busy with their world tour concert and 2NE1 is busy for their coming back ,if they are destine for each other they will meet,the best thing 2 do is wait once they are not busy may be we fans ELF and BJ can petition to their management to do WGM,see i saw a lot of HAE dramas to his pairs does not have good chemistry on them but just their picture along together DARA and HAE u could feel the strong chemistry on them and how much more when they do drama it will be great.Don’t u think they look alike also?I’m not shipping them,but how i wish that HAE find a real loving woman and DARA too a very loving kind man…..

    • said:

      YES!!!!! we should do that… petition! but how???? how can we start that ????

  3. i think you need to retweet it to donghae so that he can response.. im pretty sure he didnt read dara’s tweet on him because a lot of fans have been tweeting on donghae.. 🙂

  4. Donghae updated…he didn’t reply to Dara. GAHHHHHHHD THIS IS FRUSTRATING~ XD

  5. I’m just wondering..if ever donghae check his twitter..would he be able to see dara’s comment? I mean..i’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people twitted on his pic. dara’s twit will be covered by fans’ twit..sorry i don’t know how twitter works..i don’t have XD

    • dnineseven said:

      lol same…im completely ignorant and checking each of their twitters and am just lost. (LOL pretty sad but true)

  6. Woah! When Dara followed Jaejoong, everybody was like “I hope he doesn’t follow back or else the Casies blah blah” but with Donghae & Dara “nada” and seems like we are just waiting for something to happen that could totally blast our Darahae minds off to outer space,,, seems like SJ fans are safer? kkk NOW DONGHAE, GIVE SOME GOD DAMN REACTION “PUBLICLY”! (Well he must have been sending her DMs,,,oohlalala

    • Why are people scared of ELF? 😦

      there are bunch of ELF supporting this 😉 I hope this can lead to a better relationship between ELF and BJ ^^

      • dnineseven said:

        completely agree. a relationship between two members; a “marriage” between groups 😉

  7. i am silently screaming right now!!!!~~~~my neighbors will kill me if i suddenly scream without valid reason..kekeke..anyways i am so giddy giddy to the max!!!! i hope Donghae will reply!!!

  8. lorhyun said:

    ughh! kainis naman, ang tagal magreply ni donghae..

  9. Darnit, Donghae still hasn’t responded to her tweet yet. Although I was half-expecting it, I still hoped he would.

  10. I enjoy reading all comment actually SANDY was a fan of SUJU during her SCQ aside from seven,she always mentioned DONGhae in one of her show while her sister DURAMI is aTVXQ fan also, i hope they become real close friend like seven and i hope they do romance drama together,that will make their fans happy together all over the world.

  11. Oh my darahae. Now if Donghae would reply to Dara’s tweet, imma totally goooo craycray!

  12. ckjack_bla said:

    Dara just tweets what she feels! I really like that side of her. She’s like an open book! I love her candidness!

  13. OMG!!! This is dream come true for me.. Donghae really suits with our Dara..

  14. So they must really know each other. I was getting drowsy when I saw this article then bam! I’m awake now. Haha. Not a DaraHae shipper but it’d be nice if we get to see them hanging out together.

  15. Oh MY God! What’s with these two?? GAH! They’re killing me!

  16. Okay I don’t want any trouble, but I have to admit I kinda shipped DaraHae for a while back so this is making me want to scour asianfanfics for DaraHae fics.

  17. darahaeeeeeeee i like it

  18. lorhyun said:

    haha! kilig overload! waiting for hae’s reply..

  19. I’ve read on a twitter acct…the host asked them what is sungmin’s first musical? so every suju wrote an answer… DongHae answer: Iljimae! ..Donghae’s epic face when he realized he just wrote down dara’s first drama: Iljimae on paper… watch this vid.donghae so cute here!

    • btw I got some other version of this incident. I asked my ELF friend(btw hello, ELF here^^) to translate that.

      here is it;
      During SJM Shanghai fanmeeting, the members were asked name of first Sungmin musical. Donghae didnt know the answer so just randomly blurted out nonsense or he’s trying to write some drama title instead for his answer.

      When it’s Donghae’s turn to reveal his answer, Siwon teased him saying he’s done and Hae got so flustered(as you saw in the video :P). When he revealed it, everyone was shocked and teased him again. Kyuhyun said that he’s trying to write Iljimae. and guess what?? It was Dara’s first Korean drama, out of gazillion Korean dramas XD

      well all ELF know there’s something fishy going on when SJ members teased each other like that 🙂

      • thanks for the detailed, there’s really something cute of him to always think of her, even randomly…i think, he really likes her…:)

        • Hhaha, Donghae is fanboy of Dara ever since her predebut. Now eagerly waits for his reply(if he does >,>) and I hope he wont screw up, maybe he needs some advice from Eunhyuk to reply XDD and Eunhyuk is not in Korea atm.

    • omg intentionally mentioning Dara’s drama? wahhh but i can’t view the youku vid :(( is there any youtube link?

      • Here^^ I already watched this before knowing this. So it’s easier for me to track this back 😛

        around @13:00, they asked about Sungmin’s musical, and @15:45s, Hae’s answer. The youku link is better because we can see the close up of Hae’s reaction but here in YT we can see other members’ reaction.

      • god, dumb me.

        here the YT link

  20. its overwhelming…omg! darahae is lovable!!!!

  21. 21.rfioa said:

    oh cutie pie donghae didn’t reply yet … oooohhhh why ????? 😦
    twitter mood 🙂

  22. annekyut said:

    hahahahahahahahahahhahaa okay I’ll shut up now~~ #kiligmuch

  23. iamessinad said:

    cute !! 🙂 DARAHAE

  24. this is what i miss when shes gone,hehehe….

    welcome back dara…hahaha

  25. I guess everybody is waiting for his reply… I am too…

  26. Omg!! Cant wait for hae resp0nse..;-)

  27. omy GAAAAADDDDD…feeing giddy….waiting for his reply…dara’s really random…good she’s back now…..if she could just read the comments..dara make a darama plz……

  28. waiting for Hae’s response….
    I think he’s busy spazzing!!!!kekeke

  29. xoxojulietx said:

    Daring is really friendly 🙂 they sounded like they know each other tho kkk

  30. BJ4life said:

    Waaaaaa!!!!! 🙂

  31. Omo… gonna explode ryt now for too much happiness…

  32. DARAMA!!!! DARAMA!!! DARAMA! =))))))))

    • Blaq_roze said:

      Who knows right? When CL doing her solo act, then maybe Dara can start on acting?… sigh, me and my wishful thinking… Would so totally be cute Double D…

      • ‘We got Married’ with Donghae would be so awsome..XD!!! peace everyone! v^___^v

  33. oh so they must have already met because Dara wouldn’t just randomly tweet someone she doesn’t know

  34. Blaq_roze said:

    Weee… my heart just fluttered… Donghae… respond… quick~

  35. kkkkkkk my heart is jumping ^^

  36. waaaa..did they already know each other?? waa…I hope Donghae Retweet back ^__^..

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