SHINee appeared on February 28th episode of MNET OPEN STUDIO. During the interview, confessions from fellow idols who like SHINee and fans of them were revealed. The members got confessions from BoA, WG’s YeEun and more. One of them was Dara of 2NE1 who revealed:

2NE1’s Sandara Park ♥
“My ideal type is young ,cute in appereance but has tough personality. I am attracted towards ‘reversal’ young man Minho”

Watch below around 12:55

T/N:Reversal means acting opposite their age.
Source: jamieee0309@YouTube via @dkpopnews

Comments on: "Article: Dara Reveals, “I like SHINee’s Minho.”" (13)

  1. dara park sino ba talaga ideal mo?lol si kim jaejoong nalang.

  2. jonghyun’s smile XDDD

  3. Dara saying she likes Minho is just to lure DG.. Kkkkk!!

  4. Nooooo….My daragon heart is still alive. And Minho is a bit too much for dara, i think. heehehe..

  5. Yeah! She confess it on strong heart… What is minho’s reaction?

  6. 2ne1doll said:

    When was she interviewed?

  7. kakakilig naman like ko panaman si minho para kay dara

  8. I like how jonghyun smile when dara appear kkk

  9. atifa25 said:

    oh my my my its about time Dara being paired up with a cute guys hehehehe
    I like!!!!!

  10. fangirl-ahjumma said:

    dating ban lifted officially?! woooo….

  11. trinity said:

    woah…dara is being bold already.. oh my oh my

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