I laughed at the “Dadoong” “Dudong” thingie. Kekeke! ❤


Dara: Good morning ~ good morning ~ dear Blackjacks!!! Good morning~ good morning~ good morning to you~ 🙂

Ana: You’re a lady now, ati???

Dara: Yes, of course ati! Your baby krungy is now a lady 🙂 But I still have baby face He he

Ana: Sooo true!!! Gosh, I watched Dudong’s video!!! Waaahhhh

Dara: He’s Dadoong! Not Dudong… T.T Soooo cute, right? I hope you guys see him 🙂

Ana: He has a very nice color, but I’m afraid of cats, remember… Meow, meow…

Dara: Dadoongy is a good boy!!! He’s just a bit aloof. Isn’t he just like Sanghyun though? He he It’s because he’s shy 🙂

Ana: He got shy then hid in a box!!! Durami was excited to let us watch the video!!!

Note: “Ati” literally translates to “unnie,” but in this context, they use it like a cute nickname thingie for each other. XD


Source: @krungy21 and @iamANAye

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara to Ana – “Your Baby Krungy Is Now A Lady!”" (6)

  1. With all due respect to the admins, there is no direct trans for “ati”. But they are absolutely correct in the context the word was used by dara. i guess you can say its a word coined by dara to add cuteness to d original{*.~} its not a tagalog word for … something or anything. It was derived from “ate” (older sister). I just want to clarify for the non filipinos who may be seriously interested to learn the language.

    • small correction on this too, “ati” was not coined by Dara. It’s a play on the visayan/bisaya accent like koya. so, ati = ate = unnie/noona and koya = kuya = oppa/hyung. ta! ^^

  2. Sandara Stark said:

    I follow Ana on Twitter and she really is confuse with the name! She had this Twitpic with Durami while the latter was on vacay and I thought it was Durami’s nickname! So it’s the cat. Haha

  3. Gosh! annabanana is so funny…WHAT DUDoNG?!!! DAdooong…Dudong is liike the family driver or the gardener…LOL..

  4. kyaaaa!!! Darong the goddess lady ever!!! ^^

  5. Dara is really fluent in Tagalog. ❤ So proud!

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