Ooohhh, more Clio ads! So very good to see Dara in the brand’s promotional campaigns.. ^^ daraclio


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Comments on: "Photos: More Pretty Dara for Clio Web Ads" (14)

  1. Ooohhh~~ i want to buy the virginkiss lipstick! But the question is… where? Anyone from Singapore here?

  2. CLIO products in manila Philippines are selling like hot cakes because of dara!!!! yey! 🙂

    • from the philippines too.where exactly can i buy clio products. is it affordable..or not?..hehe

      • i had my sister check clio in cebu for me since i am here in riyadh for now, she told me that clio is right in-front of etude (SM-Cebu). And i also heard they have items at watsons, maybe you can check sm branches at your area, maybe they have clio products.

  3. Geez.. I need this now.. Lol.. Virgin tinted lips..heheh

  4. Dara is so effective as endorser, now I want to buy 😀

  5. OMG their eyeliners looks amazing…..i want them now…LOL

  6. looking so fresh and beautiful santokki….

  7. i want to buy!!!, SANdara so Pretty and so Gorgeous !!!!

  8. she so beautiful…haizzz dara why u so pretty

  9. woooww.. I want that eye liner and lipstick right now >,< DARA~ ❤

  10. I want to buy CLIO for dara kkkkk so pretty and gorgeous!!!

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