JAE WOOK: Recommend me some good books about self-improvement^^I need it~

DARA: Good books? Wook teacher…you need to buy 4 mags^_^Here~

JAEWOOK: Will this teach me about life?Photos came out nicelyㅎEspecially the first female

DARA: It’s diff from us at practice, right? This is how we are..Prize women!!

Sources: @krungy21 + @ganzi78

Translated by: @kristinekwak


Comments on: "Twitter: Dara to @ganzi78 – “Wook teacher, you need to buy for magazines!”" (3)

  1. yeah, i agree what ms.sandara stark said ,u guys r role model for d young teen agers,u don’t hang out in the club and get drunk like some female idols,u have class,hard workers ,very charitable and doing what they want 2 do in life(meaning reaching for their dream) and hengso.

  2. “FOUR”

    they are really beautiful~~~~

  3. Sandara Stark said:

    “Prized” women! Definitely! Women of the highest quality! Prized not just for their beauty, position in society, or élan but for their quite dignity, sensible priorities, moral values, etc. Yessir!

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