Which is your look? 

Devil Dara



Angel Dara



Natural Dara



Credit: @the2ne1hour + http://m.clio.co.kr/photo_4.php

Comments on: "Photos: Devil, Angel and Natural Beauty Dara for CLIO" (13)

  1. i vote for natural dara shes so gorgeous ^_^

  2. for a change, i really like the DEVIL LOOK she looks very sophisticated and sexy 🙂

  3. daramaegon said:

    all photos taken was pretty and captivating but dara’s a natural beauty^^ though the concept of the photos devil and angel dara & natural.., i still goes to NATURAL DARA;););)

  4. I love the last pic the natural dara …

  5. kwoncitla -- BIGBANG is my SOUL said:

    vote for natural dara T.T why so pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. am i the only one who likes her angel look.. i dont like the devil look. she looks old in the photo…. maybe the close up devil look i like that one….

  7. the 4th picture is badly edited.. the rest are just awesome!

  8. everytime i scroll down…bam! bam! her gorgeousness blows me away…

  9. Devil Dara,,,,she’s gorgeous as usual and i like her transformation…is it true she’ll be starring in a kdrama?

    • really? where did you heard that from?is it true..i just read that she wanted to be in the drama but there’s no news about her starring in a drama yet..but i am really wishing and hoping for it…

  10. Dara hair in the Devil picture is the same hair when they donated in the Goodway with Us maybe after the pictorial thats the time when she donate something. .heheh so gorgeous and one of a kind Dara…^-^…

  11. she looks ravising with that long messy hair….

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