2NE1 may not have had the most prolific year of the career of 2012, but nevertheless, the fierce foursome released an innovative new track, “I Love You”, on July 5th. The song’s build-up and progression from the slow, understated beginning, to the thumping, electronic-pop hook won over all who listened to it. The single also provided the group with their first true love song, showing the girls’ growth from being those hard girls from the street when they first debuted, to a multifaceted, diverse powerhouse that is capable of making magic out of any song they touch.

In addition to their Korean single, 2NE1 was busy with international activities as well. The group released a Japanese album titled “Collection”, presenting Japan their music in the nation’s language, as well as an original Japanese single, “Scream”, which gave fans of the group a single with their signature style and swag. The group also went on tour around the world, receiving praise from international news agencies for having one of the best concerts of the year. All of this combined paved the way for 2NE1 to be voted as the best girlband of 2012.

Source: JpopAsia via @PLANET2NE1

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Comments on: "Info: 2NE1 Voted As Best Girl Band at the “2012 JPopAsia Music Awards”" (6)

  1. awesome!!..Japan blackjacks u guys did a great job!!..congratulation 2NE1!!!

  2. c0ngratss… 2NE1…. you deserve that award i wish many more awards for this year 2013…

  3. Japan pop?…hmmm…i really hope our 2ne1girls win this time!!!!!!

  4. 🙂 2NE1 kicks ass,, wow

  5. wow!!2ne1 hwaiting!..is this already in allkpop website?cool…i want them their comeback now…more awards to come this yr!

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