OMG! Inga Willis, the musical director and the bassist for 2NE1’s New Evolution Concert, just tweeted this. Is it safe to assume that she was pertaining to another concert or another world tour perhaps? Yes please! T_T


Source: @IngaNandiwillis

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Screencap: Inga Willis Gives A Shout Out To Blackjacks on Twitter" (8)

  1. yeessssssssssss……..pls……… tour we want more

  2. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!! We want a REAL world tour!!!!

  3. excuse me inga willis is NOT the bassist nro the musical director. Divinitty roxx is, INGA willis is Travis’ Payne’s manager/agent/CEO of mogul group. basically she’s part of the production team that helped put up and gather the band =.=

  4. no to another world tour please. yes to a proper comeback. yes to a world tour AFTER the comeback.

  5. another world tour…for a new album please. if only i can go to yg and beg there myself. oh, the things i would do for a 2ne1 comeback..

  6. Dragonfly87 said:

    Or for 2NE1’s comeback?!?!

  7. OMG cant wait 🙂

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