Just OMG! I have no words! PERFECTION doesn’t seem to be enough to describe Sandara Park!

These are Dara’s CLIO ADs at Watsons, Hongdae



Credit: @hyuwhieyl

Comments on: "Photos: Devil Dara is Absolutely Gorgeous for CLIO" (39)

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  3. Kyaaaaaa….She’s such a Goddess<33333Thank CLIO<3333 She can look so beautiful. but why does she choose to look bad sometimes?!!!Gahd i hate those bias stylist!!!ugh

  4. from simple Dara to devilish Dara…BAM! perfection!

  5. dara is such a goddess here…

  6. Velvetokki said:

    omoo! i knew it that hair she sported was for a make-up shoot! and there we go! Kyaaaa… it’s true if one door closes another start is beyond to happen! I hafta to say this but i do feel CLIO will bring the smexy out of Dara! And considering Dara is the successor of Hyori..can’t wait for the CFs!

  7. petitedara said:

    The undeniable fact about Dara is, it is not only the change of make up she puts on, but she brings an entire new level for every band she endorses. She herself links to the characteristic of the brand. Not only some pretty faces to be looked at. She speaks the brand :*

  8. OMG remember when she had that hair a while back, that sort of frizzy crimped hair? It was for this! I LOVE IT AND I WANT MORE! AND A 2ne1 COMEBACK I AM DYING HERE

  9. Smexy devil ~

  10. OMG we can buy this in WATSON? wow.. cant wait 🙂 looking forward to it 🙂

  11. her hair reminds me of that starcall video of hers where she looked like she was going to a halloween party instead of greeting fans a merry xmas… and that reminds me, she looked like a cliopatra lol for that very very short happy new yr greeting video. i think she was shooting for clio when she filmed those vids

  12. she can bring the best in anything that she does..

  13. I love her look on Twist Turn! I wish we get more HQ pics from Clio!

  14. please !! more pics please…

  15. myles07_ddc said:

    KKkyyyaaa, super love love the concept of CLIO.. As always Dara is ssssooo PRETTY AND GORGEOUS. Truly a GODDESS indeed and a CHAMELEON any concept or look she can really pull it off.. Love you Dara…

    As much as I love Dara being cute and adorable in ETUDE and all I also want her to showcase her mature, elegant, and sophisticated side.. And I cannot wait for Dara to show us that side of her.. Waiting for CLIO’s promotional tactics or plans for Dara…


  17. from cute (Etude) to Fierce (Clio) WOW she’s gorgeous!

  18. derfshell@gmail.com said:

    with Fierce Dara

  19. reminds me so much of “It Hurts” MV..

  20. daragonholic said:

    waaaahhhhh hot mama Dara >.< i love this…i want a CF

  21. jagiya daragon said:

    wow!!!! so gorgeous…

  22. omg! dara so pretty..can i have that magazine..

  23. ckjack_bla said:

    Sorry orange because black is now the new pink! Dara is a certified trendsetter! I want a CF!!!

  24. hoping for an advertisment (video)!!!! kyahh. i remembered her fire days… ghad the picture with TWISTURN…. it looks like it was taken during her fire days

    truly an ageless beauty!!!!

  25. Oooooh! She’s become Angel Dara and now she’s Devil Dara? Kekeke. I LOVE IT!!! She looks GORGEOUS either way! Soooo excited to see more pictures and CFs!!! Sexy Dara FTW!!!! <333

  26. I wanna look as perfect as her, so I’m buying whatever product she endorses. Agree? :))

  27. Sandara Stark said:

    Black is the new pink ! Hahaha Looking good! I want more pictures! Keep them coming CLIO!

  28. wohooo..can’t wait to see the CF >,<

  29. missing 2ne1 tv said:

    gorgeous! definitely preferring this image of sexy, dare devil dara to the overly cutesy, saccharine sweet image etude is so fond of. can’t wait for her face to appear on the product packaging!

  30. OMG! i want that magazine!

    Oh no! i want that make-up(?)!

    no no no! i want that GIRL!

  31. like the photo much… a devil with innocent look.. hahahah..

  32. Wow her ads are out! So lovely Dara with a smoking sexy look. She’s perfect endorser for CLIO

  33. What a very lovely DEvil… @.@ Go and spread the evilness Dee! Bwahaha! XD

  34. so beuty and look like a devil hahaha
    look innocent and devil in the same time…
    She show two side different look in the same time it soooooo WOW Fantastic ^^ keke

  35. totally luv it!!! so smexy hot!!!! woot woot~~~

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