Oh my ghad, now it’s a Lee Minho pun for Boys Over Flowers.. Gotta admit, Dara sure has a witty mind with all of these word-play! XD 


Dadoong Update. Flower boy of cats! Crisp face, tall height, and a stiff, conceited personality ㅋㅋㅋ Cats over flowers!!! Here is “Goo Doong Pyo”!



Source: @Krungy21

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Uploads a Pic Of Flower Boy Cat, Dadoong!" (20)

  1. i laughet out loud with this..wahahaha….seriously…haha…i hope to see her with minho/joongki/ilwoo too….hahaha…

  2. That would be the best drama ever. Two hot guys fighting for her is very fitting lol. And maybe the rest of her fanboys get to do a little cameo xD

  3. LOL!!! Dadoong looks handsome! >_<

  4. Yes, he’s such a handsome cat<33 i miss u Dadoongie<33kekeke

  5. barbara rose narcida said:

    top….woot woot

  6. i really laughed so hard reading this. haha! she’s really funny

  7. Very witty Dara ❤

  8. omo..kyaaa!!!!!!!.. giving all the hints, all the products for endorsement..oh my god!!!… gotta explode of kilig!……. Lee Minho ,. Dara and Song Joong ki… Fighting!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hint for a romcom?!? Wah! Minho and joongki probably! Getting excited…

  10. cute!hahahaha!!!!!

  11. Eh, more like a play on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (drama with Jung Il Woo) probably but seriously, all these posts about Dadoong makes me want to have a cat so bad. XD

  12. Maybe love triangle b/w dara,joongki and minho!omg!

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