So adorable! ^_^ 


[2NE1] YG 공식미투에서 입수한 레어템 2탄! 상큼한 보컬을 담당하고있는 다라! 사진속에서 달옹은 무엇을 하고 있었을까요?^^ 1. 입풀기. 2. 귀요미? ㅎㅎㅎ

Tags: 힌트는 “무대에 올라가기 전”이었다는! ㅎ 프로다운 그녀!

The second part of rare pictures that YG Entertainment received! The lively vocalist Dara! What was she doing in the picture? 1. Loosening up her mouth. 2. Acting cute?

Tags: The hint is that it was before she went up the stage! She is so professional.

Source: Me2Day

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Comments on: "YG Me2Day: Super Cute Dara Puffs Her Cheeks" (5)

  1. Mollycoddle said:

    3. Asking to be kissed!

  2. superrrr cuteee dara~ o(≧▽≦)o♥

  3. waaaa…ssooo cuteeeee…. #die
    there’s no translation yet?

  4. Please put more weight Dara. Just a little bit of weight

  5. super cuuttteeee~ ~ ~
    i can’t stop myself to fall in love with this adorable girl ❤
    her charm is amazing ! !
    love you , unnie ❤

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