Oh my, Dara looks so perfect in this picture! Again, one of her best looks last year, I think. ^^

And haha, she’s playing bodyguard! Who are you guarding, our beautiful goddess? ^^


[2NE1] 와이지공식 미투에서 입수한 “레어템” 다라의 비공개 사진 공개합니다^^. 경호원 놀이 중인 다라인데요! 언제 이 사진을 찍었는지 여러분 알아맞추어 보세요! 8분전

뭘해도 달옹달옹.^^

[2NE1] A “rare item” specially obtrained for YG’s official me2day: A private picture of Dara revealed ^^. Dara who is pretend-playing to be a bodygard! To everyone who sees this picture, try to correctly guess when this was taken!

Tags: Darong Darong, what are you doing. ^^


Source: YG me2day

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Me2day: Winter Goddess Darong Pretends To Be A Bodyguard" (11)

  1. Oh my goshh. She looks like a mannequin!:O So pretty!

  2. goddessDARA said:

    Goddess!!!!! my heart! ^________^ <3333

  3. Might be the subject 4 her drama?!a popular singer and a bodyguard?:-D

  4. now i see the difference between “달옹” from ” 다롱”….. you lucky girl…. huhuhu

  5. yes, CL is the first one that came to mind. hehe

  6. PRETTY bodyguard…………….

  7. First thought that came to my mind was, “Dara seems like a mannequin.”

  8. nessadin0 said:

    I agree also she looks great with that haircut, but the best one is the shaved look. Haha just sayin. But I think shia20 is also right. Dara loves pretending to be a bodyguard for CL. Or maybe she could be protecting Minzy from boys.

  9. i think it’s CL the queen, they always play like that, i’ve seen it on 2ne1tv

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