Here are pictures of 2NE1 and Big Bang on Goodyway’s website. The groups are really so nice for taking time out of their schedules to do this. ^^ And whoa, is anyone else digging Dara’s hair? Love the wild locks! I think it’s the same from when she recorded her star call? ^^


2NE1’s signed shirts and CDs.. ^^ Don’t you just love that Dara included a message on her shirt? ^^ Her message says “Do well!!! Fighting!!! ^.^” Cute Dara.. ^^


Check out the cut for Big Bang’s! ^^



Source: Goodway With Us

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1 And Big Bang For Donation Website, Goodway With Us" (5)

  1. Am i the only one confused with dara’s hair? Lol. I know she could pull it off but this hair is like the It Hurts hair 2.0 shorter and not braided 😛
    On the sidenote,

  2. I love Dara’s hair. It looks awesome. But personally out of all the hairstyles she had I loved the shaved hair the most. She just looks so sexy and fierce at the same time. It gave her an edge xD

  3. hoo.. where’s the other 2NE1 member?..its only Dara ^^ ke ke

  4. I want a sign T-shirt :(. But I think this are only for korean fan.

  5. I THINK dara is in a photoshoot

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