Kekekeke, Dara, don’t worry, Minzy would always be the sweet, talented maknae in our eyes, no matter what her age! Our Dara-unnie seems to be holding on to her image of 13-year-old maknae Minzy instead of grown-up, 20-year-old eroMinzy. XD


#OFFICIALBLACKJACK BLACKJACKZONE – NOLZA 2NE1 Minzy’s 20th birthday celebration guerilla reply event! Guide and registration announcement! All Blackjack 3G! Come and participate in the event GOGO!!

@GlobalBlackjack Minzy’s 20th birthday…Did you just say that??? @.@ But ㅠ Our maknae!!! ㅠㅠ Who remains to be 13 years old in our eyes…


Source: @GlobalBlackjack @krungy21

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