Hahaha, these two are such linguists! I wish Dara could’ve replied to him in English and/or Tagalog! Kekekeke! ^^ Dara’s first reply to Seungri is in hangul characters, but romanized Japanese, keke! And Seungri tweeted in Hiragana, while Dara tweeted in Katakana.. ^^ 


Seungri: @krungy21 Are you okay already? ^^  Today, do your best, okay? Because everyone is cheering for you.

Dara: @ForvictoRi Heol….. @.@;;; Ah.. I’m fresh vocal Dara…. ㅠㅠ My Nihongo is not yet good.. ㅠㅠ From now on I will do my best… Please look after me ^^;;;;;;;;;;

Dara: @ForvictoRi I’m okay. Thank you~ Seungri! ^___^v

Dara: @ForvictoRi Seungri, too! Good luck today!!! BB is the best! ^_^V


Source: Dara and Seungri’s Twitters (@krungy21 and @ForvictoRi)

Translated by: @kamipinku

Comments on: "Twitter: More PanDara Convo! Seungri: “Do Your Best, Everyone Is Cheering For You!”" (11)

  1. I read some article that those pic between kiko and gd were photoshopped… and i read also that the one who posted that pic admitted his doings.

  2. Yeah! cheer up!
    Pandara friendship jjang!

  3. They are probably cheering her up because of GD and Kiko and the picture evidence that they were in Thailand spreading. She is sick physically but down. I think GD and Dara were dating but broke up and now GD is with Kiko again. Also Kiko is in Seoul right now. If this is the case then I encourage Dara to move on and find a better man.

    • Well I don’t want my Daragon heart to be down, but, yeah, my Daragon is just an illusion. And from what I’m seeing and reading is that Kiko and GD is the truth:( whaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    • So the gd-Dara twitter convo and the Dara appearance in gd’s crayon perf were just fanservice (or an effOrt to divert the attention from gd-Kiko)???? Urg. If so, I hate that they’re using dara!!! 😡

  4. These two people just so adorable..make my vipblackjack heart warm and happy near the year end ^_^ It’s soo FRESH!! Kekekkee..Good luck for tonight Gayo Dejun Dara unniii..Hwiting!! Riri hwiting..YG family Fighting!!

  5. jagiya daragon said:

    kawaii… i love their friendship^.^

  6. Sandara Stark said:

    He didn’t say “I’m cheering for you ” but “Everyone is…” He included everybody! What a generous Panda! Hahaha Dara might have felt so elated to have “everybody” cheering for her! (Including YG whom they did not pay attention to thus he wants to be verified already! Hahaha) Really nice conversation. It touched my heart. They do have a great friendship going on here .

  7. My two favorites from both respective groups caring and supporting each other (: it really is heartwarming.

  8. kyaaaa…PanDara…^^ love their friendship!!

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