Weeee! “I’m Sorry” MV would always have a special place in my heart, as it is Dara’s first acting project in Korea and under YG Entertainment.. ❤ She really did look oh so pretty in that MV! Simple but gorgeous! And of course, she’s partnered with (my husband) TOP! Don’t they look good together though? ^^








More pics after the cut! ❤


Source: As tagged / alice in wonderland Daum Cafe + WeLoveDara + @Offcial_Tabisan

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: Unseen Pics Of Dara and TOP Shooting For Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” MV" (26)

  1. oh2ne1jjang said:

    Looking closely at the kissing scene pictures, i think there were 3 or 4 takes instead of 2.. hul~ Papa YG you must allow them to act in a ROMCOM! Swear the program will skyrocket!! >.<

  2. Why hasn’t YG banked on this pairing for a new project yet?? Everyone loves this video! its like a pre-debut classic for Dara XD and they have great chemistry… People would go bonkers if they made a drama staring top and dara or at the very least another MV… come on YG! >_< 😀

  3. ah….wow so many comment////krungy ur the best

  4. The very reason why I know about Bigbang! 😛
    Dara starring alongside T.O.P. in this beautiful MV! <333
    I loooove this MV and will always be one of my favorites! ^^

  5. daramaegon said:

    hope year 2013 would be a great year for DARA’S acting career, just miss her doing her usual and natural talent as a comedianne, dramatic and serious actress,,,yg must allow her,,,

  6. dang!!! i saved it all!!! esp love the pic where she is looking at the ring and he is looking at her!!!!…ke ke ke…
    love these clips because can’t find an HD version of the video ni youtube…

  7. One of my favorite MV from YG, great storyline, hot TOP + Goddess D = great acting & great chemistry (Chem is one of my fav subject in school). What more can I ask for?! I also want a team TopDara k-drama.. ^.^

  8. I love this MV and the song…and the Singer..

  9. W0w! they are s0 amazing b0th i want b0th 0f them in the drama they look g00d t0gether dara s0 pretty her prettiness never change..

  10. this is the proof that dara unnie is aging backwards! wae so pretty unnie ❤

  11. Tabi looks older than Dara xD

  12. Dara really looks good in black hair color.. good thing they put it back 🙂

  13. so pure so beautiful Dara

  14. look like top is so serious in this mv, Dara look very young here.

  15. dara+drama=darama in 2013! YG please!

  16. redstilleto said:

    ALiieeeens on the lose! Huh, they look so galactically, interplanetary, extraordinary good together! Dara is such a lucky girl Seriously, she looks so young and innocent and pure!

  17. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Wow…Great pictures for year ending of 2012 kekekekeke. Both of them look awkward kekeke..Dara have kissed 2 bigbang members in mv clips,TOP n Taeyang LOL. Let’s not argue about which ships We prefered guys..Be jolly..respect her privacy^_^ keep supporting her and The girls, 2ne1..also The rest of YG family!!!<3<3<3

  18. joeluvsjoe said:

    They seriously look so goooood together. I wanna see Dara in Drama soon!

  19. goddessDARA said:

    kyaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh dara so cute and simple!!!

  20. LOLove…Love this 2 *spazzing*. It be great to see them both on big screen. Top really surprise me. Late bloomers like me ^ ~. But of course Top on the higher level.

  21. I remember Dara died in this sad video because she was so sick. She got sick due to TOP’s inability to kiss her hard

  22. they both looks nervous. kekeke…

  23. Missy musni said:

    1st I saw gd and now top wow !!

  24. cute dara..she’s look a lil bit chubby in here ke ke ke ke ^^

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